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    Where my Black Flag people at?

    I gonna watch them play on Sunday. Looking forward to it.
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    Munich show 2023 Hifideluxe and MOC .

    I think I heard 230k for the turntable and 39k for the tonearm.
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    Great electrostatic amplifiers?

    Check out this site:
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    My photos from Axpona 2023

    Thank you; excellent pictures and may I say, that you use an amazing camera. I always liked Leica.
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    Esoteric Grandioso T1 turntable arrives; G1X Master Clock coming.

    I always enjoy reading your adventures in HiFI land/music land. Have you reached Nirvana with your new turntable/clock? Or will you continue to improve the sound with different tonearm, cartridges? Anyway best of luck.
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    Esoteric Grandioso T1 turntable arrives; G1X Master Clock coming.

    Beautiful machine. Being Japanese, I am sure design and finish is top notch. Anyway, enjoy the beast.
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    Hello from Bottrop, Germany!

    Welcome to the WBF.
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    Wayne Shorter died, age 89

    I always enjoyed his playing. Will be sadly missed.
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    SET amp owners thread

    thanks for the fast reply. "strong stuff" good one.
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    SET amp owners thread

    thank you for the pic. funny name though, silberglut. do you know, how they came up with this name?
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    What's Everyone Reading

    Could be a very helpful tool on WBF too.;)
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    Jeff's New Music Room, the Return of Jeffrey_t

    A great looking system in a beautiful room. I am sure, it gives you a lot of joy.
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    RIP Jeff Beck

    RIP JB, always liked your music, especially the Truth Album. Beck's Bolero is a great instrumental.
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    The fun never ends!

    Great thread, thank you Robert Young. Sorry to hear about the regime you have to endure;). . But I am sure your wife means well.
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    Why do I hate jazz ??

    Frank Zappa said on one of his recordings:"Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny". Perhaps you just don't like the smell of Jazz?☹️
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    Visit to Audiophile Bill to hear his horns project

    @Audiophile Bill I hope you reconsider your decision to leave this forum. this thread was always very informative and I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you, @Audiophile Bill.
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    American Sound AS-2000 Installations- Far East (Tango)

    Shipping cost have gone up considerably on Discogs and other similar services, in the last couple of years. And Discogs changed their shipping policy, which added further to boost shipping costs. I hardly buy music software online anymore.
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    Tubes vs. Solid State Amps

    You are aware, this is a different brand? Engström is from Sweden and Angstrom from Italia. Perhaps you already knEw this.
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    Tubes vs. Solid State Amps

    I heard them twice, they seem to do the job. Have they changed the housing design of their amps recently?
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    Natural Sound

    I don't know if it is called a ship or boat, but your yacht is very beautiful and despite me being a music and gear lover it impresses me more than your equipment and I think your equipment is top notch.
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    Natural Sound

    Thank you for this great thread. My ears prefer Big Band: D. Big Band: D sounds more natural in the brass section, more rounded and I probably cold listen to it for hours, while Big Band: C sounds slightly tipped up in the brass section, but all this are off course only minute differences based...
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    American Sound AS-2000 Installations- Far East (Tango)

    Am I correct in assuming, that your equipment is in your office? If so, does it not distract you from work? By the way, I very much enjoy your videos.
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    As a treat for her (and perhaps you) you could play Good Dog, Happy Man, by Bill Frisell.
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    Congrats Lola
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    Your Favorite Japanese Audio Equipment?

    I quite like this CDT by 47 LABORATORY, the PiTracer.
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    Do Mobile Fidelity Vinyl Re-issues Have a Digital Step in the Process?

    Hi Mike, thank you for your comprehensive reply. Yes, I understand, that this thread is about MOFi misleading its customers. And this is, in my opinion a no go. I was just interested en passant, if you people with excellent gear, were able to hear the difference between different sourced...
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    Do Mobile Fidelity Vinyl Re-issues Have a Digital Step in the Process?

    I am not an audiophile, so perhaps my question is pointless, but can one not tell the difference between anAAA and DDD pressing, when listening on a great play back chain, like so many have on this forum. I would assume, that the digital influence should be easily heard Moreover, is it possible...
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    T.H.E. Show 2022 By What's Best Forum

    Thank you, very informative.
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    RIP Peter Breuninger

    RIP Peter, all the best to his family.
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    Best audiophile headphones

    yes, the T2. Some people like Audiovalve amps for Stax, and they have some good value models.

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