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    New R2R tapes of Jazz at the Pawnshop from AudioNautes

    Hi, here the tapes I got from Proprius/ Naxos. Many 7 inch NAGRA masters + Dolby A. And 4x 10.5 inch CCIR + Dolby SR. Rene 2xHD
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    Nagra HD DAC with Classic PSU

    The HD DAC X share the same New Digital board made in Switzerland by Nagra 72 Bit / 11.2 MHz. 8 core Digital board, that also includ all the digital connections so it can be replace for future innovations. Both feature AES-EBU, S / P-DIF inputs are studied by Nagra, the new Nagra Link...
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    Nagra HD DAC with Classic PSU

    The new ClassicPSU is available since a couple of months now but there are so many orders that it is not easy to get one. You can order with 2 or 3, 12V outputs. Because the SuperCapacitors take more room inside the châssis the maximum output is 3. I told a HDDAC customer from Miami that ask me...
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    Nagra HD DAC with Classic PSU

    The Nagra HD DAC was compared over the last few years to the best D/AC by dealers and reviewers and the feedback I did get is that they prefer the analog natural sound of the Nagra over other DAC. More texture, 3D imaging and beautiful timber. David Robinson of Positive Feedback think that is...

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