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    Tinnitus Resulting from Covid or Vaccines

    I'm laughing while reading this, not because it's funny, but because it validates what I've been going through since late fall of 2021 after a bout of covid. For the longest time I thought maybe I caused it by an overly egregious listening session. Yes, it comes and goes, sounds like old CRT...
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    Kjetil's stereo

    Very interesting alignment with the 12P1000Nd using high BL, low Q drivers in an open frame and small sealed. Not something seen often. Bass articulation and attack must be amazing. Just curious to why you went this route?
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    Natural Sound

    If you desire ultimate resolution and are a bit daring I recommend updating the input coupling and feedback capacitors on the Aleph. I love the simplicity behind the 2 stage circuit, but the use of electrolytic caps on the input and biasing completely held this series back. A completely...
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    iFi Audio iPower Elite PSU - The Official Thread

    I agree with no significant burn-in changes attributed to the iPower Elite over time. I'm surprised about the aftermarket cables. Running them with Shunyata Venom V10 NR' great to me.
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    iFi Audio iPower Elite PSU - The Official Thread

    Yes, all the above and more. Surprisingly they seem to also clean up upstream component sound as well. Similar effect as iFi's AC iPurifiers. I've used other supplies including iFi X series not expecting much of a change since they are SMPS supplies but I was greatly mistaken and was profoundly...
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    What are you doing about EMI/RFI?

    As a rule of thumb, I find that rf absorption next/near line level analog signals is detrimental(rounding of dynamics and highs). In the case of the USB cable(digital), I added the polyethylene foam to distance the absorption material from the signal wires and shield and applied the 3M material...
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    What are you doing about EMI/RFI?

    Nothing super fancy. Just regular adhesive backed tape. It doesn't hold the shape as well as the type you need to heat up, so its a bit more pliable, but for this specific use case it does the job. This one worked well for me. -...
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    What are you doing about EMI/RFI?

    Just to note - There are multiple vectors of RF radiation, externally (e.g. - Wifi or cellular), and internally within the system component themselves(e.g. - switching supplies, even pcb trace to trace crosstalk).
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    What are you doing about EMI/RFI?

    Ferrite rings/beads/chokes have not been my preferred choice in the past. I'm a bit biased against using them on audio signal cables with what I find are deleterious effects. I do find them useful on switching power supplies though and as mentioned before when used on all a/c lines at the...
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    What are you doing about EMI/RFI?

    31mix beads on all lines except the 2 dedicated 20A lines for the system. Don't shoot it until you try it!
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    What are you doing about EMI/RFI?

    For poops and giggles I decided to make a usb cable. I've seen on these forums alot of talk about upgrades in cables also leading to auditory improvements. I've tried a few lower end cables but I've felt that the improvements I heard may be placebo. I first tried shielding and grounding a Oyaide...
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    What are you doing about EMI/RFI?

    Not going to get into details unless asked but the same mindset when it came to the Benchmark DAC and two Velodyne bass crossovers. I got this reading one of Ack's old threads. This had the effect of "drying out" the sound. Everything initially sounded softer. At first I thought maybe I had...
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    What are you doing about EMI/RFI?

    I then made did what was supposed to be a test trial shield for the JCAT XE USB card but decided it was decent enough to permanently keep. This uses 14 gauge copper with the inside covered with a polymide sheet to keep the backside of the USB card from shorting to the shield. It is then covered...
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    What are you doing about EMI/RFI?

    Lol...everywhere. It started when I put a nondescript ferrite bead on the 5v supply for the CAS SSD. It squealed like a county fair greased pig when turned on. I then realized for the ferrite bead to sound as it did the SSD drive must pull significant amount amounts of peak current and that had...
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    Visit to Audiophile Bill to hear his horns project

    Don't stop there. You'd be amazed where that 3M EMI absorption can be applied giving you more than typical incremental improvements.
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    Trumpet videos

    There's a trumpet in there...somewhere
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    Show us your cable management system

    I bought a bunch a while back. Real cheap solution if you can get your hands on them. Made of hollowed out rubber material...
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    Post your female vocal videos

    No etch or siblance on the soprano allowing her full range expression on what I'm assuming is a digital system. Also excellent reproduction of recordings hall decay. Nice!
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    Rock and Drum videos thread

    Just hard hitting drums.
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    What's Spinning Tonight?

    New favorite for me!
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    State of the industry - Roy Gregory Editorial

    Interesting article! Thank you. Coming from an electrical and mechanical background I've thought about it quite a bit and seriously think there's plenty of room for improvement in this field. There has been a lot of advancement in material sciences in the last decade which could be applied to...
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    Editing system videos for youtube

    An excellent point made. I generally don't pay mind to the quality of the videos and pics I take with my phone because I'm normally viewing them through the phone with a smallish screen. When recently posting a YouTube video, probably because I keep all settings on default and keep the phone in...
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    State of the industry - Roy Gregory Editorial

    Agreed that it seems that there hasn't been significant breakthroughs in audio reproduction. Guessing that major gap ups require significant breakthroughs in the understanding of physics and then some period for household technology to catch up. It does look like the tech has hit some kind of...
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    State of the industry - Roy Gregory Editorial

    Hi and thank you awsmone, My intent was not to necessarily to invoke critique. I've prowled around in the dark here enough to witness some charismatic and rather engaging member interactions. Totally get the concept of politeness and feeling of inclusion, but was just saying for me in that grey...
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    State of the industry - Roy Gregory Editorial

    Hi WBF! I prefer being a lurker, but as said by others, this thread has been way too entertaining. I'm realizing if I'm not paying constant attention to it I'll probably get left behind and never catch up. My two cents to the topic - Yes, it's kind of disappointing mediums like YouTube don't...

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