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    SOtM sNH-10G Switch : Mods & Tweaks!

    Hi, I agree with you, the plixir is a superb LPSU and I had several others (e.g., Ferrum, Uptone JS2, Hypsos). Actually I had 3x Plixir Elite at some point in various voltages. However, in my experience you can benefit quite a lot moving from a dual rail Plixir to 2x Plixir (not powering two...
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    Network Improvements and their Impact on Sound Quality

    Hi, I have an issue that bothers me and I was curious if anyone can provide some insights :) My provider router is in the basement of the building where several apartments are connected, so it looks something like this Provider router (basement) ----> Apartment RJ45 sockets ----> Own router...
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    LampizatOr Golden Atlantic + TRP

    Hi, Following the thread here, I am also now using Siemens F2A which I enjoy so much more than stock tubes (my Atlantic came stock with the GENALEX - GOLD LION KT77). Now, I am using the adapters bought from China on eBay. I was curious if anyone know someone that can build more qualitative...
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    LampizatOr Golden Atlantic + TRP

    Hi all, As there is a thread for tubes, I was curious if we can gather some information regarding people experience with various interconnects used on Lampizator dacs by starting a thread on that topic. As everything is part of the whole system, maybe we can use a template, something like...
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    LampizatOr Golden Atlantic + TRP

    Yes, I would assume there was a misunderstanding due to language and because both engines have been updated in February 2022. So yes, both the Baltic and Atlantic are using new engines, but different. How would you describe the difference between Sophia KT-88 Aqua & their EL34-ST Aqua? I like...
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    LampizatOr Golden Atlantic + TRP

    I corrected my previous message, both the Baltic and Atlantic engine have been updated in February; i think there was a misunderstand in language. They have different engine and both engine have been updated in February 2022
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    LampizatOr Golden Atlantic + TRP

    Hi guys, after having read all your topics have I have decided to order an Atlantic2 TRP, 4-6 weeks building time. It will be a bit modified: super clock for the usb output, some caps modification and it will be an orange color 360 degree (when I'll receive it, i'll post some pictures; really...

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