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    Gryphon Antileon Signature or Antileon Evo

    Hi All I have an opportunity to buy a Gryphon Anitileon Signature or Evo amplifier, stereo. As I have no ability to listen to either model, wondering if anyone has compared the two and if so, could describe the differences? The Evo is significantly more expensive so trying to work out if the...
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    Rockport Speakers - So any owners use third party isolation instead of supplied spikes

    Hi All As an owner of Rockport Aviors, wondering if anyone uses something different then the supplied spikes to isolate/couple the speaker? I’ve got hardwood floors on top of a concrete pad and these have me interested...
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    CH Precision L1/M1.1 Gain settings

    Hi All Recently acquired the wonderful L1 and M1.1 combination and was wondering what gain settings you use on either the preamp, amplifier or in combination together? (Or A1/1.5) I am also playing with the global feedback settings and find either 0 or 10 to be working well but also interested...

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