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  1. HughP3

    Ron’s New System

    Those look very promising! And they are wood not poly styrene which is very flammable and does not reflect as well. i bet the evening was super fun. Greats folks!
  2. HughP3

    My dedicated audio room build - QuadDiffusor's Big Dig

    Wonderful stuff QuadD! Very exciting!
  3. HughP3

    A new star in 2019 : Innuos Statement Server

    I am in the queue for the power upgrade. From what I’ve been told it’s a good move. I should have some feedback in 6 weeks or so.
  4. HughP3

    Sound Quality of new roon versions (builds)

    Agree i have not heard any difference either. System warmup way more important for me
  5. HughP3

    RIP Jeff Beck

    A true loss. Had the immense pleasure of seeing him in Atlanta back in April at the Coca-Cola Roxy the show was incredible. His performance was perfect. He will be greatly missed.
  6. HughP3

    Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX First Impressions

    The XVX need room to breath and do deserve top shelf everything. I auditioned them in 2 locations (2 different states in US). The first audition was poor do to the room and a very poor cobbled together choice of electronics. The second audition was spectacular with a great room and very good...
  7. HughP3

    New Audigon Service Fee

    thanks Ron, but i dont think my history can be dumped from AG? if it were me I would not believe someone telling me to check out history from another website so in a way I feel tied to a AG regardless
  8. HughP3

    New Audigon Service Fee

    The uniqueness of audiogon is that each party is rated and has history, including comments and what was bought and sold. I have had 100% satisfactory purchases and selling due to the fact that I can look at someone’s history and feel very comfortable in dealing with them. There is no other...
  9. HughP3

    A new signature ...

    Very nice!
  10. HughP3

    Dedicated audio room build thread aka The Big Dig

    It was my pleasure Bryan, thanks for taking the time to visit. Hope your plans work out for you.
  11. HughP3

    Ron's Speaker, Turntable, Power and Room Treatment Upgrades

    Now this is exciting! I am certain all will be well. Look forward to your new thread.
  12. HughP3

    Dedicated audio room build thread aka The Big Dig

    Here are measurements 6 feet from back of chair to back wall 12 feet from Ear to tweeter About 9’ 10” Tweeter to tweeter 10 1/2 feet from back of speaker to front of diffusers. Diffuser are 16” deep 4’ 1” bass towers center to side wall 5’ 8” center of mid tower to side wall once jim set the...
  13. HughP3

    Dedicated audio room build thread aka The Big Dig

    Hi, this track starts with a very low note from the largest organ in Europe (from my understanding). It feels like a train going by through my armrests and in my chest. i asked Jim Smith what he thought of the very low bass impact. He likes subs even with very...
  14. HughP3

    Dedicated audio room build thread aka The Big Dig

    thank you! love the duo’s at axpona, great bass
  15. HughP3

    Dialing in my Alexia V loudspeakers, a video with Peter McGrath

    after hearing yours these V are next level stuff. really great music
  16. HughP3

    Resources for Building an Ideal Listening Room

    a harsh tone ceasar although i agree on some points. i will definitely say the mbl extremes need a very good room. i auditioned them in houston. the room there did not do them justice. oddly enough they had a defined sweet spot. the bass was just overpowering the room. they did provide...
  17. HughP3

    Dennis Foley Acoustic Fields

    this is so disturbing to hear. i have added a Warning at the beginning of my room build thread about his current behaviors. this is not the same person i dealt with otherwise i would be posting as you have. life is too short for this shit.
  18. HughP3

    Wilson Audio announces the Alexia V

    Lee invited me over for a listen. I said Wow. The new design really took the sound up to a new level. I really liked them and they are gorgeous. Enjoy!
  19. HughP3

    New video: What does the new Synergistic Research factory look like?

    Nice job. Cool to see behind the curtain. More labor intensive than I thought
  20. HughP3

    Transitioning from Electrostatics???

    Try to listen to speakers than have an AMT tweeter. Super fast and incredible detail. it solved things for me. I had Maggie 20.7 and loved that wall of music but wanted more punch. I really liked the ML 15a, plenty of bass and you likely can get a deal on them. I also liked the Duo XD too...
  21. HughP3

    Dedicated audio room build thread aka The Big Dig

    Thanks Loco57 for supporting the way. i hope your project begins soon and please share.
  22. HughP3

    Dedicated audio room build thread aka The Big Dig

    You are a brave one to read thru all of this. Thanks very much. Its been a trek. I just shake my head and say thanks when i leave.
  23. HughP3

    Dedicated audio room build thread aka The Big Dig

    very kind Peter, thank you
  24. HughP3

    Does anyone here have experience with or with true pressure traps?

    Fyi , more room measurements have been posted to the room build thread.
  25. HughP3

    Dedicated audio room build thread aka The Big Dig

    had Mike Burns from WolfSong Audio come by today to further measure the room. to recap: the room is 12’ 2” high, 21’ wide and 31’ long. QRD diffusers are 16” deep. setup guru Jim Smith finalized the speaker position. The speakers are now almost mid room. Jim was very pleased with the outcome...
  26. HughP3

    Do Mobile Fidelity Vinyl Re-issues Have a Digital Step in the Process?

    Me too, i would love to buy the DSD256 since i dont have analog
  27. HughP3

    Mixing choices for vocal/instrument separation

    Thank you Bruce! it sounds very complicated and I would expect requires a lot of experience. to me It’s like a professional photographer striving for the perfect exposure except in this case instead of light it sound. fascinating stuff!

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