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  1. still-one

    The Mayor Of Kingstown

    We had several other series we needed to finish so we were a bit late taking on season 2 of Mayor. We finally finished last evening. As Steve noted not as good as Season 1 but still very much worth watching. One of my favorite parts of the series are the discussions and interactions between...
  2. still-one

    Oscar Nominations 2023: ‘Everything Everywhere’ Leads With 11 Nods, Followed by ‘Banshees’ and ‘All Quiet

    I have not spoken with one person who liked Everything Everywhere. Not the best year for films. I enjoyed Top Gun but surely not Oscar worthy. There were some moments in Banshees but not an enjoyable film.
  3. still-one

    1923 Taylor Sheridan's next prequel to Yellowstone

    They left so many open storylines as season 1 ended that I felt a bit cheated. That said I agree that it has the potential to be the best of the series all depending on Season 2. The cost per episode is supposed to be a mind blowing ~$30 million.
  4. still-one

    Sound Quality of new roon versions (builds)

    I have been using Roon for over 6 years now and have never heard these so called changes when Roon has updated their software. It is also rock solid in my set-up. I have no idea what some of these users do to mess up their set-ups.
  5. still-one

    FAUDA - Season 4 Trailer

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a go in the next few weeks. With which service did you access it. Just a comment we have found several entertain shows in Walter Presents section of PBS Masterpiece.
  6. still-one

    FAUDA - Season 4 Trailer

    Just finished watching the last episode of Season 4 of Fauda. Of the 12 episodes a couple towards the later middle were a bit slow but still good. All of the other episodes made for a powerful storyline. In my mind the best of all four seasons.
  7. still-one

    FAUDA - Season 4 Trailer

    I have watched the first couple of episodes of season 4 and it has the potential for being the best season yet.
  8. still-one

    FAUDA - Season 4 Trailer

    A reminder that Fauda Season 4 drops in two days.
  9. still-one

    1923 Taylor Sheridan's next prequel to Yellowstone

    I was under the understanding that past seasons of Yellowstone were not available on Paramount +, only on Peacock (I think). Yes the other Talor Sheridan shows are available on Paramount +. When you sign up for Paramount + is Yellowstone offered to new subscribers for a limited time?
  10. still-one

    1923 Taylor Sheridan's next prequel to Yellowstone

    Steve, I sure hope so. I would be interesting if they could tie in the end of 1883 where Spencer is born, James dies, Margaret asks for Jake to come and run the ranch then she dies.
  11. still-one

    1923 Taylor Sheridan's next prequel to Yellowstone

    I sure won't cancel Paramount Plus specially when season 2 of Mayor of Kingston starts on the 15th. That is another of Taylor Sheridan's fine series. 1923 is excellent as was 1883, I like them both better than Yellowstone but I must say this season of Yellowstone has been better than the past...
  12. still-one

    1923 Taylor Sheridan's next prequel to Yellowstone

    I agree, I like Yellowstone but I enjoyed 1883 much more.
  13. still-one

    1923 Taylor Sheridan's next prequel to Yellowstone

    That is an interesting observation. If so, I hope it's Beth.
  14. still-one

    1923 Taylor Sheridan's next prequel to Yellowstone

    I hope 6666 Is delivered and wish the storylines aren’t as far fetched as the first few seasons of Yellowstone with all the killings etc. I think seasons 4 and 5 (Save for the few scenes where Beth goes nutso) have been very good where they focus on the problems the ranchers are dealing with...
  15. still-one

    1923 Taylor Sheridan's next prequel to Yellowstone

    In case anyone is a bit confused on the relationships from 1883 to 1923 and on to the current Yellowstone, this may help.
  16. still-one

    FAUDA - Season 4 Trailer

    I have been waiting for the fourth season to drop. Sounds good.
  17. still-one

    The English

    Last weekend we watched the six episode western The English starring Emily Blunt and Chaske Spencer. It starts a bit slow but is definitely worth waiting for the characters and plot to develop. Both Blunt and Spencer give fine performances. Recommended. On Netflix.
  18. still-one

    Blonde-Official Trailer-Netflix

    We started to watch this but couldn't;t get through the first episode, way too depressing. Poor woman.
  19. still-one

    Tulsa King | Official Trailer | Paramount+

    I've watched the first two episodes and it has the potential to be entertaining. Not as good as 1883 or Mayor of Kingston but Sheridan is still developing must watch TV.
  20. still-one

    Unforgivable (2021 Movie)

    I think that the earlier British 3 part mini-series was better.
  21. still-one

    Worst Movie of All Time?

    Probably “Wickerman”. Which also stars one of the worst actors of all time Nicholas Cage
  22. still-one

    Sound Quality of new roon versions (builds)

    I wasn't going to update from 1.8 to 2.0 as I have no need for ARC as I don't listen to music outside of my home. (unless it's Live). I then messed up yesterday and inadvertently hit the update button on my iPad and ended up with 2.0m of the Roon app. When I tried to control Roon the message...
  23. still-one

    Breaking news from DCS….

    I have only about 8 hours of listening with my Vivaldi APEX since it was returned at the end of last week. My Initial thoughts are consistent with others who have updated their units. The first thing that jumps out is a better developed low end. In some ways it sounds like I upgraded my amps...
  24. still-one

    Breaking news from DCS….

    My Vivaldi DAC is currently out for the upgrade. Looking forward to getting the unit back and hearing the improved SQ.
  25. still-one

    What movies do you watch over and over again?

    If I am just looking to see what is on I will stop and watch from whatever point they are at: Crimson Tide Godfather I & II Love Actually A Good Year Cinema Paradiso
  26. still-one

    Tehran — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

    Season 2 was a excellent follow-up to season 1. The tension was kept at high levels in every episode.
  27. still-one


    I agree , one of the best series from last year. Fine acting all around. Frustrating to watch at times.
  28. still-one

    Top Gun Maverick

    Saw the movie on the largest screen in Michigan this afternoon. That is definitely the best way to see it. It may not be a great movie but it was pretty darn entertaining and at least as good as the original. also, Jenifer Connelly sure looks good.
  29. still-one

    Ozark Season Four

    Finished the last of Ozark the other night. I can't say I liked the way they wrapped it all up. No spoilers but the ending kind of had a Soprano's moment. (I wonder if they are leaving an opening for a return or sequel). All in all it was a enjoyable series but not one of my all time...
  30. still-one

    The Offer

    We have watched the currently available first three episodes of the Paramount + series The Offer. The 10 episode series surrounds the making of The Godfather and is based on a book by Albert Ruddy who was the producer of the movie. The cast is full of both well known actors along with many...

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