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  1. J

    Coda no 16 amplifier

    So a $2k amplifier + $500 in mods gets close to a $17k amplifier?
  2. J

    Goldring Ethos

    Audiomods Series Six?
  3. J

    Rythmik Sub Plate Amps: Are Discrete Op-amp and/or other Upgrades Sensible?

    I have nothing to add other than I love my L-12’s.
  4. J

    What's Spinning Tonight?

    Had an audio buddy over. Spun some Freddie Hubbard, Yusseff Kamal and Ben Webster. After he left some Vomit Arsonist, Sissy Spacek and Masonna. Oh also the new Cult album which is fantastic.
  5. J

    Tone arm recommendation For Marantz TT15 S1

    I’m super interested in one for my Technics
  6. J

    Sutherland Phono Stages

    My current cart is 10 ohms and I’ve heard people are having great results so I’m definitely interested in the TI style preamps.
  7. J

    Sutherland Phono Stages

    I’m happy with my 20/20 with LPS though I don’t see it as an endgame piece. I don’t know why I think that and I’ve not heard any high(er) end phonostages. Right now I dont believe the Sutherland is the weak point in my system.
  8. J

    The Korf Tonearm now available for preorder

    I’m Curious too.
  9. J

    DS Audio Grand Master + EMM Labs DS-EQ1

    Nice write up. Seems like An amazing advancement. I’m curious as to what the drawbacks are. Seems like many wouldn’t want to be tired to a preamp. What else? Those who’ve heard it and went another direction, why did you decide this? I’m leaning going optical maybe next year.
  10. J

    The Music or the Gear?

    Music is life. Me spending so much on equipment is me investing in my enjoyment of the music. Regardless of it being Norwegian black metal, blues, Japanese power electronics, 80’s & 90’s alt, jazz or 50’s-80’s reggae. The system must do no harm and elevate the music.
  11. J

    Coda no 16 amplifier

    I’ve not been able to find the answer anywhere but what’s the difference between the continuum series and the CS series? Just biasing?
  12. J

    Phono stage upgrade from Xono

    I too, have been interested in the 610. For me the killer is the dip switches on the bottom. I can’t fathom why they would be put there. I feel like when you get to that price category, controls on the front seem almost mandatory. I haven’t heard the 610 mind you, just a thought I get when...
  13. J

    KUZMA Stabi R , Silver or Wood?

    Interesting thank you. One thing I liked about the Technics is the sense of drive, propulsion if you will. I have no way to hear one so if I jump I’m jumping blind.
  14. J

    KUZMA Stabi R , Silver or Wood?

    I’d be curious to know how the Stabi R/S compares against DD Technics in terms of sound. My technics does nothing wrong but but boy a Stabi S looks mighty fine.
  15. J

    New member from Phoenix, AZ

    Hello, just joined. I have been lurking and appreciating the exchanging of ideas and technical experience so I decided to join. My interest in audio started in junior high school when i got a Sanyo rack system from Montgomery Wards. Hearing the music I loved with such scale and volume got me...
  16. J

    Cables for Pilium Leonidas and audio solution Virtuoso M speakers

    I play in a lower soundbox that the majority but I’m running all Audio Envy cables. For what it’s worth.
  17. J

    Cables for Pilium Leonidas and audio solution Virtuoso M speakers

    Thanks. Not doable from a price perspective but would love to hear them.
  18. J

    Cables for Pilium Leonidas and audio solution Virtuoso M speakers

    I would LOVE to hear Hijiri cables. I’m using Audio Envy and they blow my mind. I can’t imagine what a big step they are.
  19. J

    What Brands of Cables to Fans of High-Efficiency Speakers Use? (Not Hi-fi Sounding!)

    I’m running Audio Envy SP-11 into my Klipsch Heresy IV’s. Excellent clarity but not thin.
  20. J

    Ray liotta passed away RIP

    A co-worker was his ex in-law. Got to meet him twice. Nice guy. Great actor. RIP
  21. J

    RIP Peter Breuninger

    It was through him I learned of Odyssey Audio and started my journey. RIP

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