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    Supersense Mastercut Edition Lacquers

    Nina and Ella/Louis
  2. J

    Supersense Mastercut Edition Lacquers

    Mine arrived today. They are outstanding. No buts, ifs, or howevers. Just superb sounding. Insanely quiet. Clarity galore. Strong and textured bass. Balanced tone. All the boxes checked …
  3. J

    Mobile Fidelity UD1S Thriller

    I have the OG (the real OG before MJ was added to the engineering credits) and the One Step. The highs on the One Step are far too pronounced. So much tizz. The OG also has some of that '80s splash, but the One Step is swimming in splash. And, like many MoFis, it just has this sound that...
  4. J

    Audio Research Ref3 SE Phono comparisons

    I never have. The only thought I left out: it’s been a few years, but I also rank the Manley Chinook amongst my faves. Bang for buck it’s easily No 1 in my book. Upscale Audio might sell it with a 30 day return policy.
  5. J

    Audio Research Ref3 SE Phono comparisons

    In the last few years I’ve enjoyed the REF 3, REF 3SE (about 2000 hours), the Ypsilon VPS 100 (about 500 hours), the Boulder 2008 (maybe 250 hours), the D’Ag Momentum Phono (maybe 40 hours), and the Nagra Classic Phono (about 50 hours). That’s with multiple carts of very different sounds, and...
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    What are members recommendations on current turntables in the $15K to $22K price range?

    I’m guessing their names were Jacob and Michael. (Fun fact: I bought the Lyra Lambda Atlas SL that Jacob used when he reviewed the J Sikora Standard Max).
  7. J

    What are members recommendations on current turntables in the $15K to $22K price range?

    I recently (as in, 20 hours ago in cartridge time) swapped out my old 'table, with a REF 3SE and Etna Lambda. The new guy is the J Sikora Standard Max with the JS tonearm. I'm seriously loving it. I always thought the Etna Lambda paired really well with the 3SE, but the JS 'table adds several...
  8. J

    DCS Rossini APEX has arrived!

    Got my Rossini back today, with the Apex upgrade. 100% agree with everyone’s descriptions above. I’m very impressed.
  9. J

    SUT for Ypsilon VPS-100

    Did you get any more intel or buy the Yip? I own one and use the My Sonic Labs 1030 SUT with my Atlas Lambda SL, and I far prefer the 1030 to the Yip SUT. But SUTs are cartridge-specific and the 1030 is designed for carts with low impedance.
  10. J

    Audio Research Ref3 SE Phono comparisons

    Well, I just did this. REF 3SE to Ypsilon (Also owned an XP27). I’m using the MSL 1030 SUT with an Atlas Lambda SL, but also own the Ypsilon MC20, and the Lyra Erodion for other carts. Feel free to PM me.

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