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    Introduction of my new Antipodes K50 Music Server

    I wonder what is the difference in sound, between K30 and K50. Has someone compared me? Now I'm listening to K30 for a month, but maybe K50 is much higher?
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    LampizatOr Golden Atlantic + TRP

    I have el34 about a year, from memory after 200 hours it should become softer. BUT! there is an even better lamp for trp - this is the Sophia electric KT88. It only opened up on the condition of an expensive High Hidelity Ultimate rca interblock. The EL34 did not go further, and the KT 88 added...
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    LampizatOr Golden Atlantic + TRP

    On TRP, fantastic female vocals on Sophia Electric el34-st ! Very realistic and open sound! Thanks for the tip! Should I change the RK5u4g cenotron to the blue Sophia 274 ?

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