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    Streamer advise - Lumin / dcs / auralic / other ?

    Auditioning a T3, and it really is musical. The speed is addictive. The P1 though suits my needs better. Anyone with P1 experience?
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    Do I really need an " Audio Grade Network Switch "?

    Great info there. And yes, the LPS are essential.
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    Do I really need an " Audio Grade Network Switch "?

    Let us know what you think. The Isolators seem to suggest they reduce noise from other devices on the network, and that may be beneficial. In my case there is only one device on the network. But it still may be something interesting to check out . AMR, It would not be instead of the...
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    Do I really need an " Audio Grade Network Switch "?

    No, not as if yet. Do you have specific suggestions?
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    Do I really need an " Audio Grade Network Switch "?

    After several tests on different systems the third switch contributes significantly in these two areas; midrange presence, greater presence of the room of the recrcording imparted by greater resolution. Even present with the Lumin X1.
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    The Ugly Truth Behind Hi-Fi's Growing Infatuation For Nostalgia

    Seems like it was written by someone with a deadline. How does it sound? The retro look is something they feel makes their products more appealing.
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    Do I really need an " Audio Grade Network Switch "?

    It's been my experience that adding a switch, or multiple switches offers a very nice improvement. They don't have to be audiophile switches. The Netgear gs105 is a solid piece with a very wide soundstage. The Netgear gs110mx is a more solid unit with a copper shielding. The Bonn is a solid...
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    QSA : My take on their expensive products

    Very happy QSA red outlet owner.
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    Do you use cables to 'tune' the sonics of your system?

    Most definitely. It is a tool in the toolbox. Plus I enjoy having options of cables that have different presentations.

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