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    My Listening Room

    Do you plan to try an MIT speaker cable between the ARC amps and the Magnepan speakers?
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    Should I get Magnepans if I only have 1-2 feet available distance from the back wall ?

    My first exposure to magnepan was back in 1975 when an audiophile friend invited me to hear his system. His room was really small. Just 9 feet by 9 feet. He had a pair of Tympani in that tiny room and the sound was fabulous.
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    Koetsu Wajima

    koetsu makes too many models to track. Then there are the aftermarket modified Koetsus. I suppose it will boil down to whether you trust the seller and if it sounds like a Koetsu. If you like and enjoy the sound, don't be nervous about it being fake or not. At the end of the day, enjoying...
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    Babysitting a pair of Sonus Il Cremonese Ex3me

    Your description of the owner sounds familiar to me. I just don't recall him having a pair of Amatis. I am wondering if the owner is the friend who got me to buy the other pair of Guarneris when they were introduced here?
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    What unknown ( to you) artist’s music just blew you away

    The song Looking for a Home" by Keith Greeninger recorded by Blue Coast Records BCRSA1012c. This is a cd recording.
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    Thin but great speaker cables?

    If you are still looking for flexible speaker cables, consider Daniel Hertz as one of your candidates.
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    Is there a match between Magico Speakers ( particularly M6 ) and Tube Amps?.

    Magico speakers and Lamm amplifiers sound better than nice together. They are synergistic.
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    When do you stop upgrading?

    This covid pandemic stopped me not just from upgrading but even from rotating the components in both my main and bedroom systems.
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    My system

    Thank you Apk99.
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    Daniel Hertz

    I have a good feeling you will enjoy it. Mark Levinson is a very nice person to talk to. His Daniel Hertz speaker cables are wonderful.
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    My system

    That's a beautiful set up. So tidy and organized. I am very curious of the room treatment that was done as I don't notice the room treatment at all.
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    I agree that Mitch Cotter sut and Koetsu are synergistic. To carry the synergy further, an Audio Research phono stage at the end of a Koetsu, Mitch Cotter chain is my preferred poison.
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    advice on room treatment

    That is a beautiful space germinal. I would bring in a professional room treatment service. You can tell them what you consider important to make you like the sound and they will design the accoustic to suit your taste.
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    What SONG are you listening to right now?

    I'm istening to "Home for Christmas" by Celtic Woman.
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    I just read this thread from the start and I realize that: 1) Koetsu fans are so devoted they have multiple units. 2) The cartridge that might sound closest to a Koetsu if I were to guess might be Supex. Supex was the cartridge that Sugano San designed before he started Koetsu. 3) The nude...
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    Moving from Spendor,ATC,

    Give the Endeavor E-3 MkII a chance if you have a Von Schwiekert dealer in your area.
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    And For All You Octogenarian Abba Fans

    The first time I heard ABBA was when I was in university and some classmates invited me to spend the break between semesters island hopping. In one of our stays, we were the only guests in the resort and a classmate who brought an ABBA casette tape requested the dining room staff to play it...
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    Favorite Rolex?

    Post #175 resonates with me. I also still have the same wrist size. But the watches I bought in the 1990s are too small for my eyes to read unless they are of a white simple uncluttered dial. These days, 42 mm watches seem to fit my eyes and wrist the best. I have also discovered the...
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    Gian 60 is back,Kalista,Acoustat,clearaudio

    I remember my pair of Acoustat 2+2. With the Counterpoint SA 20 hybrid amplifier, it was my first experience of hair raising realism from the sound of hi fi . Sadly, the Counterpoint SA 20 was not a dependable amplifier. The two other amplifiers I tried with the Acoustat 2+2 were the Spectral...
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    Recommendations for stand mount speaker

    May I suggest the following old stand mounts: 1) Rogers LS3/5A 16 ohms 2) Yamaha NS 1 3) Von Schweikert Audio VR 1
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    Spectral DMA-200 advice

    I have to clarify. I have two Audio Research SP 3 preamps. One is in its original form but with premium tubes. The other one has been updated by Audio Research. I stopped lsitening to new Audio Research products after the early reference editions. I have no idea how the SP 3 will compare...
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    Spectral DMA-200 advice

    Yes. The Audio Research SP 3 is between 45 to 50 years old by now. It is the only Audio Reaearch pre amp that I kept. To my ears, they are magical when premium after market tubes are installed. As for Spectral preamps and line stages, I do have a few. Since you were asking if a regular...
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    Spectral DMA-200 advice

    In my experience, you don't need the megahertz preamp for resolution. Once you install premium tubes into the Audio Research SP-3, you might just shock yourelf at how resolving it is. Also, in my experience MasterBuilt cables and center stage footers will help in achieving higher resolution.
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    Spectral DMA-200 advice

    I was very satisfied with an Audio Research SP 3 into my Spectral amps. I run a pair of Spectral DMA 80M into my double Quad 57 speakers in my main system. I use MasterBuilt speaker cables. In my bedroom system, I use a Spectral DMA 100S into Endeavor E3 Mk II speakers. I also use...
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    Matching Pre-amps and Amps: Same Brand or Not?

    I like to have it all. Tube amps, solid state amps, hybrid amps, solid state line stage, tube line stage. It does not matter whether the electronics in the chain are from a single brand or not. It's the music, how the music is presented, how I can listen for hours without fatigue, and how...
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    Best Amp - Speaker Combination you've ever Heard.

    I have been enjoying both my main and bedroon systems and I think I am enjoying two of the best amp - speaker combinations. In my main system, I have a pair of Spectral DMA 80M monoblocks driving a pair of double Quads. In my bedroom system, I have a Spectral DMA 100S amp driving a pair of Von...
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    Are Transports Obsolete?

    Hi 3125simon, Physically the Vitus MP-T201 is big and very heavy. Sonically, I would say it is as musical and as emotionally expressive as the Flatfish transport. I betters the Flatfish in detail retrieval. The same music when played through the Vitus sounds so much richer.
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    CD Transport vs Music Server

    The pi-tracer is truly amazing. I regret not buying it when it was still available. I was so impressed with the way it sounded that it gave me thoughts of giving up all my cartridges and to go all digital. A flat fish is also nice but of course not it the league of the pi-tracer. Muralman...
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    Can Horn Speakers Disappear like Planars, Stats, and Omnis? Is the Disappearance Act Subjective? Or based on Placement and Partnering Equipment?

    bonzo75, I am sure others have heard the magico horns. They were on display for more than a year in The Sound Chamber in 2009. I listened to the pair every time I visited Hong Kong which at that time was almost monthly. I actually bumped into Alon Wolf while he was setting it up in The Sound...
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    Zero Distortion: Tango Time

    Part of enjoying this hobby for me is having different equipment to rotate around to change the flavor of the sound. For me the more toys, the more fun.

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