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  1. JackD201

    Which DACs are upgradeable? Any brands fighting obsolescence?

    I believe there are many really good DACs that at least with 16/44 up to 24/96 that are surviving the test of time. Given the content available for HiRez remains small compared to the decades long market supremacy of 16/44, the issue has been the carrier and connectivity format not the digital...
  2. JackD201

    JackD201 - Version 2.0

    CH Precision Basic Digital Stack - D1, C1, X1 Dual Board What I have presently is part of the original CH runs. The C1 is fully loaded with all of the optional boards of the time and the units likewise have the firmware of their generation. By that I mean they do not have the newer CH-Link...
  3. JackD201

    JackD201 - Version 2.0

    So sorry for slacking off gds, I'll get to it. But first, the Sources.
  4. JackD201

    GODZILLA 2 Trailer #1 NEW (2018) King Of The Monsters Action Movie HD

    I think one has to have been a real Godzilla fan in his or her youth to really want to see this one. All I know is that I watched the forst just because Olsen is a cutie LOL. The selling point is the other monsters in the Godzilla canon. Personally I wasn't that big on the Big G as a kid so I'm...
  5. JackD201

    No More Porn at Starbucks

    It's illegal to show porn to minors both there and here my friend. Watching porn wantonly in public runs the risk of such exposure. My response was to Reginald as far as balancing between access and responsibility. I agree with Reginald that it would be an interesting case should someone file...
  6. JackD201

    No More Porn at Starbucks

    As a lawmaker my opinion is that it is a responsibility for the homeowner or business owner to take steps to avoid and deter any and all illegal activities within their areas of responsibility. The sticking point is just how responsible and therefore liable the owners are to be held. No...
  7. JackD201

    Get ready to sell your Wilson, Sonus Faber And YG's......NOS Bose 901 Series VI in the house!

    The poor man DJ's WAMM were 802s MTM with JBL "Butt Cheeks" over CV Jr Earthquakes or JBL J-boxes. Ahhh the 80's :D
  8. JackD201

    Center Stage 2 Foot Named HiFi + Accessory Of the Year

    Congratulations from a very happy CS user :)
  9. JackD201

    No More Porn at Starbucks

    I'm no prude but dang that is good news.
  10. JackD201

    A Star Is Born

    I don't think love being described as soft as an easy chair would sell these days Phil LOL
  11. JackD201

    A Star Is Born

    In an interview on one of the late shows she said she turned to music (and likely that persona) because like her character she didn't fit the mold. She said she got a couple of gigs as an extra but she onnly ever got to use her acting training after she had made it. Her bio on Netflix was quite...
  12. JackD201

    New Album & The Beginning of Basketball Season

    In the meantime, with three SGs out, Russ and Shroeder have been sharing the court. I had no idea that Westbrook even knew how to catch and shoot LOL They passed the eye test at least against a likewise depleted Dubs team but hey two all-stars apiece sounds fair right? They seem to be improving...
  13. JackD201

    Integrated Amp

    Yamaha WXA-50 $499.95 Everything but the Phono
  14. JackD201

    Integrated Amp

    PS Audio Sprout $599 Live a little :)
  15. JackD201

    The New Integrateds: An Urban Renewal?

    The DAC is excellent and so is the Phono. It does streaming too. Crazy piece man. I totally love it so much I decided to keep it and order another one for inventory. The simplicity of a well thought out integrated (I'd love to try AVM too) is that satisfaction comes so easily. No space issues...
  16. JackD201

    Washlet Bidet (Toto)

    There was a thread precisely on the topic of best washlets.. Toto is the bomb. We've had ours for over 8 years now. Makes taking vacations a bummer unless it is to Japan or Korea LOL Okay, I exaggerate but I'll be damned if the thought doesn't cross my mind.
  17. JackD201

    The New Integrateds: An Urban Renewal?

    All I can say is that I have been playing with the Constellation and CH Precision integrateds that I feel they are absolutely perfect solutions for people that need beautiful music but just don't have the desire to delve into the nitty gritty of this hobby. Many integrateds may not blow away the...
  18. JackD201

    Technics 1200 help.

    Hi rnutt, Just grab an integrated with a built in MM phono input, as I am assuming you will be using an MM cart, add a pair of speakers and enjoy.
  19. JackD201

    My system in 1988

    Gian could have owned a street of girly bars :D
  20. JackD201

    I said I would never buy another Turntable...Argh !!!

    Oops sorry, I should've quoted the one with LOTS of emails :)
  21. JackD201

    I said I would never buy another Turntable...Argh !!!

    OMG That's hilarious! LOL
  22. JackD201

    I said I would never buy another Turntable...Argh !!!

    Your own slice of America the Beautiful! Congratulations Christian!
  23. JackD201

    Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

    If you want to put a big fat smile o your wife or girlfriend's face, give her a dryer. Women are going nuts over them.
  24. JackD201

    The rear wall - friend or foe?

    You press up, while your mood goes down.
  25. JackD201

    The rear wall - friend or foe?

    NO!!!!!!!!!! Not the smooth pap!!!!!! LOL
  26. JackD201

    To Loom or Not to Loom?

    I'm a loomer too. I never see cables as adding anything to the signal (except noise), only taking things away. If presented with a cable that passes more information through in a balanced fashion then my tendency is to go for the entire family. Moreover, I tend to go with whole families of...
  27. JackD201

    the VAC Von Schweikert Room

    You and I have always been cool Reginald :)
  28. JackD201

    New convert to CH Precision - advice needed

    Hey Elliot, send a CH tech my way please :D
  29. JackD201

    The rear wall - friend or foe?

    I love 45s and 46s precisely because of their color and texture. The head bang thing is what I worry about. We may not do it very often but we have to admit, there are days.... LOL Anyhow depending on how hard you do bang your noggin' it could very well be that 46s are enough and that the FCD...
  30. JackD201

    the VAC Von Schweikert Room

    You know you will forever be welcome here Stevie, but first, I visit you again! :)

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