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  1. J

    Los Angeles Audio Stores ?

    Thanks for all the suggestions. Will try to check at least a couple of them out. Asiufy- San Diego is on my list as it’s been a while since I visited. Will definitely stop by if I come.
  2. J

    Welcome Xander and a trip to Mikes place.

    Awesome story. It was very generous of you two to dedicate such time and effort to Xander in his pursuits. It is invariably events like this that “create” new enthusiasts. I still remember my first exposure to good sound audio at a Bottlehead event about 20 years back. Ella sang “Bewitched...
  3. J

    Los Angeles Audio Stores ?

    Hi All, I am in LA, CA this week until Friday. I might have some time to visit audio stores in the area. Do you have any recommendations for which ones to visit? Thanks. Jay
  4. J

    Star Wars VIII : The Last Jedi | Official New Trailer

    +1 Totally agree with you. Saw the movie last night. The storyline seems really void of any new ideas. I agree that They need a completely new direction if they are making any more sequels. Benicio was the best part and wasn’t featured for more than a few minutes as a 10sec codebreaker. Pretty sad.
  5. J

    Suggestions: SOTA Ethernet Server for a DAC Renderer

    Awesome. The Zenith or SE is one of the units I am considering as one of my requirements is Spotify with a ripper. There are very few servers that offer a ripper and Spotify support. Please do give Spotify a try and tell us how it sounds. Much appreciated.
  6. J

    Bose QC-25 Around-ear Noise Canceling Stereo Headphone review

    I went on a trip to London last week and picked up at QC30 (?) noise cancelling ear phones for the journey. The noise canceling feature was just awesome on the flights. It just removed about 99% of the aircraft drone. It turned out to be a pretty comfortable flight. It is amazing how much stress...
  7. J

    Seasons Greetings From Your WBF Admin Team

    Merry Christmas to everyone and their families. Our best wishes for a happy new year.
  8. J

    Some Sad News From Wilson Audio

    Sad to hear this. Best wishes to the family and friends. I will fast tomorrow sunrise to sunset and sincerely hope the good karma will help Dave Wilson recover quickly.
  9. J

    Back from Vacation

    That’s cool with me. All is well. I just thought that post was a bit intrusive. Apparently I was mistaken.
  10. J

    Back from Vacation

    Damn... I wish I could do that.. My only consolation is that we live in the west coast. Lol.
  11. J

    Back from Vacation

    Steve, We didn’t need to know that Bob had a rough year. He called it a vacation. Let’s keep it at that. I know you are a site founder with good intentionsbut some things are private and it needs to stay private. Bob, Welcome back from a newbie.
  12. J

    The music stopped... and then continued!

    Sincere condolences. Our thoughts are with your family. We feel our lives are not complete without our pets. Thanks for sharing.
  13. J

    What's your favourite LIVE!!! Album?

    Oh my lord.... After BVSC, I cued up Keith Jarrett - The Koln Concert. A recent acquisition on LP along with BVSC. Wow!!! I never knew I would enjoy a recording with just one instrument being played. Maybe it is the Lagavulin 16 that I am enjoying this evening.
  14. J

    What's your favourite LIVE!!! Album?

    Replying to this on the hope for revival and more recommendations. Late to the party but am having a blast discovering new music. I will probably end up buying most of the recommendations.. In the meantime, I am currently listening to Buena Vista Social Club - Live at Carnegie Hall. Like the...
  15. J

    Taking it to the next level!

    Wow.... that looks awesome. I can just imagine the Alexx in that space. What are the dimensions of the room? Any treatments? I would love to come visit sometime and listen to some tunes. It would probably give me a data point as I am thinking of auditioning the Sasha II for my living room system.
  16. J

    Taking it to the next level!

    Wow.. nice studio. I thought you were using the Wilson Audio Alexia in your studio. Do you use the Revels now?
  17. J

    Oh Oh, I did a little mark/scratch on my WP

    If you can see white, it probably means that the scratch is gone through into the primer under the paint. Your best bet would be to talk to car painting shop. With such a small scratch, you should be able to fill it multiple light layers of paint and polish/wax it. You should be able to get away...
  18. J

    Taking it to the next level!

    Cool pics...thanks for sharing. Hopefully one day I will take the CLS to the track and try to explore its limits..
  19. J

    Taking it to the next level!

    Awesome. Congrats. Funny story.. We decided to get a CLS550 that we had test driven late in the evening and went there the next day to sign papers and take delivery. One look at it in the morning and my wife hated the cheese grater grill on it. We ended up,buying the CLS63 on the floor on the...
  20. J

    Taking it to the next level!

    LOL.. I vote AMG. Serious fun to drive. Which AMG are you after?
  21. J

    Shunyata DENALI

    Hi It's been a while since I used a power conditioner since my PS300 gave up the ghost about a year back. I am thinking of trying out a Denali to see if it would offer a tangible benefit improving my systems performance. I am also intrigued to find out if the Denali will make my Devialet...
  22. J

    Passive or active

    I used the Placette passive preamp for about 10 years. Great transparency and clarity. Never really lacked in dynamics which is a common complaint with passives. You have to have good impedance matching with an amp though. I think high input impedance amps are preferred. Edit: Funny... I just...
  23. J

    Attitude towards and costs of the hobby

    +1 Most of my purchases have been in the used market. I have also supported local dealers by buying new (Devialet, Rega) as they allowed me to audition the products and provided information and support. Personally, I do not like to audition products in a store and then buy used elsewhere. Seems...
  24. J

    Attitude towards and costs of the hobby

    I think the costs of setting up a good system has really skyrocketed in the last decade. It has become so alarming that even Stereophile has commented about it in the CES2017 wrap up. I remember there use to be a lot written about components costing below 5K or 10K during these show reports...
  25. J

    Audioquest Jitterbug

    I just tried the Audioquest Jitterbug in my system between my ultrabook and Devialet. It seems to remove some grunge from the USB connection. Of more interest is that I feel that it has improved clarity a bit by dropping the noise floor some. Music seems to be more relaxed with much better pace...
  26. J

    Happy New Year!!!

    Happy New Year to all. It is never boring in this hobby.
  27. J

    Best integrated for under $20K

    I have been using a Devialet D200 for the last year or so driving Audio Physic Virgo 25 speakers. It replaced a Placette preamp, Rowland Model 10s and a Peachtree iDac. I have been really impressed with the single box solution. Good extension on both ends, transparent with good soundstaging, low...
  28. J

    Greetings from the Pacific NorthWET.

    Thanks to all for the warm welcome. Feels like I have been here forever. Much appreciated.
  29. J

    Shunyata DENALI

    Dr.Tone, Could you give me your thoughts on the Denali? I am using a Devialet D200 too and am considering a Denali for power conditioning.
  30. J

    What's Spinning Tonight?

    Newbie here..... Muddy Waters at Newport is belting "I'm your Hoochie Koochie Man" in our house. Enjoying the performance with Caol Ila as the beverage of choice. A few hours back, Eric Clapton "Unplugged" was in da house. Almost brought me to tears... A recent convert spinning discs on a...

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