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  1. Scar972

    Original retail prices of Studer tape decks

    What were the original retail prices for Studers most popular models such as the A820, A80, A810, A807, etc. I know the most economical A807 were still going for over 12K at time of release.
  2. Scar972

    A reference level tape....thank you!

    On the recommendations of members here on WBF, I ordered a couple of tapes from UltraAnalog Recordings (Ed Pong's company). I must say that I'm not really a fan of classical music and can't comment on the technicalities of these performances, but the music itself is extremely enjoyable. I find...
  3. Scar972

    What album would you love to see on R2R tape?

    I was flipping through the new Acoustic Sounds catalog a few days ago and noticed four new releases scheduled for 2018. This is good news since Chad probably has the most access to master tapes and that tape sales are doing well. The only bad news I guess is prices are going up to $500. I'm also...
  4. Scar972

    Tape Head Rewire pics

    With the growing interest in R2R and audiophiles wanting to bypass the internal electronics, there isn't very much info/photos on how to connect repro head cables to the external tape pre. Been scouring the web over the last couple of weeks looking for instructions and emailed a few smart people...

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