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  1. audioarcher

    Schroder LT magnesium arm tube upgrade!

    I have had this arm for over three years now. Really had no complaints, but when Steve Dobbins told me he had an upgrade for it that I had to hear, it peaked my interest. After a few months I decided to go for it, and I am glad I did. The upgrade involves replacing the wood arm tube with a...
  2. audioarcher

    Sources of coloration caused by a turntable?

    What are some sources of coloration caused by the turntable itself, not including the tonearm or cartridge? I have found that the most immediate source is the platter design and material. What are your thoughts on the subject?
  3. audioarcher

    Acoustic Sounds Beach Boys reissues.

    Looks like Acoustic Sound is finally releasing their Beach Boys reissues. Heard some of these in the Doshi room RMAF 2013, and they sounded outstanding...
  4. audioarcher

    Funny vinyl related youtube video.
  5. audioarcher

    Bad early stereo mixes. Why not remix them for better stereo sound?

    When stereo first came out there were some bad stereo mixes. They just had not figured out how to take advantage of stereo yet. For example some early Beatles albums. Is there a reason the tapes can't be remixed for better stereo sound? Do they keep the original multi track tapes, or ditch em...
  6. audioarcher

    Thales Simplicity review in Stereophile.

    Michael Fremer's review of the Thales Simplicity tonearm in this January's Stereophile is pretty brutal. Are there any Simplicity owners out there that take issue with his conclusions?
  7. audioarcher

    Allnic H3000 naked z-foil vishay tweak

    This is for those Allnic owners that are handy with a soldering iron or know someone that is. I've owned the H3000 for about a year before I decided to try this and I'm glad I did. I bought some 68k naked z-foil resistors. I bypassed the input resistor switch and soldered them straight to the...
  8. audioarcher

    The Bill Cunliffe Trio Live at Bernies

    Just received this sealed D2D 45 LP form Germany today. After hearing it at Gary Koh's place I had to have it. Looks like I lucked out and got a low numbered copy 464. Getting ready to open it up and give it a listen.
  9. audioarcher

    Off center spindle holes. Why is this still a problem?

    You would think in the 21st century this would be a problem of the past. If they can make a self centering TT such as the Nakamichi Dragon why can't they make a similar machine to drill the spindle holes? Sean
  10. audioarcher

    Willie Nelson Stardust

    I had been looking for an original copy of this LP for awhile. I have heard through the grape vine that this is a well recorded album. About a month ago I picked up a used CD. After listening to the CD I liked the music but the sound quality was not the greatest. I just picked up the Classic...

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