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    Another Absolute Sound Review or Preview

    Seems like FM, as stated in the article, are starting to warm up to limited reviews of its products to remind the world there was FM before Soulution and CH...
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    The Absolute Sound review FM Interesting quote- "The truth is that FM’s reticence with the press may have cost it some marketshare, as the newer companies...
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    FM Acoustics 711 MK 3

    FM doesn't debut new products often, here is a version of their popular amplifier.
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    New speaker named Lyra A new design direction possibly?
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    FM review

    FM products are rarely reviewed, so when they are its a big deal.
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    New S1 mk2 and S5 mk 2
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    FM Acoustics at its full glory The cables do not look like they are from FM.
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    How transparent sounding are Magico Q speakers?

    I have not been able to audition these speakers yet, however I keep reading how transparent they are to the sound due to no colorations in the box. Now my reference for transparent speakers are Martin Logans which truly have a boxless sound. Do Magico Qs sound as transparent as MLs?
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    Where in the US is FM sold?

    There used to be a place in Denver I believe that sold FM. Where else in the states?

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