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    The Eros Clone DIY Electrostatic Speaker

    Hi All, The exquisitely crafted speakers shown below were built by my online collaborator, Mervyn Tims. I have a website (Jazzman's DIY Electrostatic Loudspeaker Page) dedicated to building electrostatic speakers, and I often receive requests for drawings of my (3) ESL designs. Most people...
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    Finally gonna do something about my room...

    Hi all, I'm inspired to build some DIY acoustic panels for my living/listening room after hearing a really exquisite system setup in a dedicated sound room. I was absolutely floored by the tight, crisp quality of the bass notes. The owner explained that he had spent a lot of time dialing in the...
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    The Electric Comet

    Youtube - The Electric Comet
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    Cross-connected coaxial speaker cables

    As a general rule; you can design a cable for either low inductance or low capacitance but you can't have both in the same cable. This cable comes about as close to cheating that rule as any I've seen. I built a pair to drive my ESL speakers. Enjoy! Link to parts list and build photos...
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    DIY Ripole Subs

    Link to build pics and drawings: Jazzman's Ripole Subs
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    Carver & DIY ESL two channel system

    Hi all, Below is my vintage Carver two-channel system with homebuilt ESL speakers and rack. The signal path is from a Logitech Transporter into a Behringer DEQ2496 and DCX2496 and (4) Carver TFM-25's driving homebuilt wire-stator ESLs and homebuilt Ripol subs. The ESLs are hybrids with a unique...
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    DIY ESL's

    Below are a link to my DIY ESL website, a video link, and a couple of speaker photos-- enjoy! Jazzman's DIY Electrostatic Loudspeaker Page Video from Carverfest 2018
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    Hello from Savannah, Georgia- USA

    Hi All, I'm a manufacturing engineer in the aerospace industry and I'm past retirement age but still working (two ex-wives). I'm into DIY and I listen mostly to jazz and oldies. I tried multi-channel but I've now gone back to two-channel audio and loving it. I have some vintage Carver gear...

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