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  1. Emre Üçöz

    SVS subwoofers

    Did anyone uses svs subs in their 2ch system? Is it worth the money? How is the performance vs JL audio subs?
  2. Emre Üçöz

    Which subwoofer to go?

    Been long not to post anything to WBF. I am on the verge of deciding to include a subwoofer to the music system. I already acquired a JL Audio CR1 xover. I could not decide on which sub to go. My options are a 2nd hand JL Audio Gotham, JL Audio F113v2, REL G1, 2nd hand Verity Audio Rocco. But...
  3. Emre Üçöz

    For Sale : Koetsu Urushi Vermillion

    One of the finest MC heads. I have bought it about a year ago for 2nd arm but since than I did not bought a 2nd arm and this gorgeous Koetsu was sitting and waiting its turn from Goldfinger. Fremer wrote in his review of Koetsu in 2008 "Regardless of musical and sonic tastes, I can't imagine...
  4. Emre Üçöz

    Any thoughts on Verity Audio Lohengrin II

    I have come across a nice 2nd hand Lohengrin II. Does anybody have an experience with this speaker? Is it an easy load as it is claimed to be and also is it acoustically an easy setup or not.
  5. Emre Üçöz

    High definition iTunes music in the horizon

    things will get interesting...wait till WWDC in June...
  6. Emre Üçöz

    Power cord for AR Reference 2 Phono

    I have just bought Reference 2 phono and since I have not used in the past an AR product I was wondering what type of power cord is suitable. Currently I am using a Nordost Valhalla.
  7. Emre Üçöz

    Any Perfect 8 speaker current/past owners?

    Yesterday I have listened Perfect 8 The Point driven by full Burmester system, I quite like it but since I its the only available one in Istanbul. I could not discuss with a current or past owner on the pluses or minuses of this glass speaker. Any views?
  8. Emre Üçöz

    A stunning image of M31 aka the Andromeda Galaxy

    A stunning image of M31 captured by Subaru Telescope's Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC).
  9. Emre Üçöz

    Meridian Explorer vs Audioquest Dragonfly vs M2Tech Hiface Dac ana comparison?

    Have any one compared all these 3? somehow I am more inclined towards Meridian and M2Tech but could not compared each other?
  10. Emre Üçöz

    Need advice on Miami Condos for investment

    One of my friends recently have invested to a Miami condo near ocean drive. After he explained to me the deal and rental possibilities once you purchased the flat. I am also started to look around the condos. My question will be to WBF'ers is do you know which Condos are the best one for...
  11. Emre Üçöz

    Metronome Kalista owners

    Just received the last unit of Metronome Kalista Reference from Metronome Technologie. Kalista has replaced Esoteric P-03 and the initial listening to the unit is just amazes me. Despite thte fact that Esoteric vrds-neo transport mechanism Kalista is far better on isolating all the vibration and...
  12. Emre Üçöz

    Esoteric P-03

    Hi all, I am on the verge of receiving my new Metronome Kalista transport. So this means that I will now let go my Esoteric P-03 transport. I am asking 6500 USD + shipping. Original box is available. Never been serviced or modified.
  13. Emre Üçöz

    Correlation between being an audiophile and a cat owner

    Including myself and my 2 cats I have more audiophiles friends with cats than just plain audiophiles. I wonder what is the correlation being an audiophile and a cat owner.
  14. Emre Üçöz

    Need advice on Telescope buying

    I have made up my mind and finally decided to buy a telescope. But unfortunately I am a little bit confused on so many different brands and sub types. I hope that in our WBF community some of you have a hook in Astronomy and can help me to find out the best one to buy.
  15. Emre Üçöz

    SF Stradivari with Goldmund Telos 600

    Any opinion on how these two can match? I have found a good 2nd hand Telos 600's and was wandering how will be the match?
  16. Emre Üçöz

    The unofficial dynamic range database

    very interesting database
  17. Emre Üçöz

    Any comparison between ARC Ref2 Phone SE vs Concert Fidelity SPA-4C

    Did anyone had to chance to audition or made comparison between those two? I am currently using ASR Basis Exclusive and considering to upgrade to one of those.
  18. Emre Üçöz

    Goldmund Telos 2500 any comparison

    I have couple of questions on Goldmund Telos 2500. I am currently using Soulution 710 but found a 2nd hand Telos 2500 and was wandering what if:b? Anybody compared Telos 2500 with Soulution or other amplifiers? Any particular sound signature preference of speaker for Telos 2500?
  19. Emre Üçöz

    Sonus Faber Aida

    Do any members have some info on this new SF speaker? There is only a teaser video on SF website and some bits and pieces of info on the some forums?
  20. Emre Üçöz

    Pure music or Decibel?

    Any ideas or comparison made on both of them.
  21. Emre Üçöz

    Soulution owners - which speakers are you using?

    I been usign Sonus Faber Stradivari for about 6 years now and and about a year ago I have changed my Boulder 1012 per/dac and MBL 9008A monos to Soulution 721 and Soulution 710 configuration. Now I am thinking on changing my speaker. Any good matches with Soulution gear? except the ones that we...
  22. Emre Üçöz

    Best single box cd player - any recommendations

    I am on the verge of a decision wheter I should continue with transport+dac+clock or to switch to a one box cd player. Can I get your opinions on this. My current digital configuration is Esoteric P-02+DCS Scarllati DAC+DCS Scarllati Clock. Any comments on Burmester069, Soulution 5 and 7...
  23. Emre Üçöz

    Hi from Istanbul

    Just joined this forum after Jeff Fritz made a post in TWBAs for 2012. Funny though I have not heard or seen this forum befrore but since this morning I am surfing through the topics and forum threads.

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