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  1. Philip O Hanlon

    Ethos evening at Sound By Singer on Thursday 13 February - 5 to 9pm

    The Ethos is one open, marvelously detailed, and fresh-sounding unit that makes listening to music an absolute joy. - Jason Victor Serinus, January 2020, Stereophile Manhattan music lovers & audiophiles are in for a treat on Thursday evening from 5 PM to 9 PM at Sound By Singer when Philip...
  2. Philip O Hanlon

    Ethos at Sound By Singer on Thursday 13 Feb.

    The Ethos is one open, marvelously detailed, and fresh-sounding unit that makes listening to music an absolute joy. - Jason Victor Serinus, January 2020, Stereophile Manhattan music lovers & audiophiles are in for a treat on Thursday evening from 5 PM to 9 PM at Sound By Singer when Philip...
  3. Philip O Hanlon

    A Tale of Two Cities | Omaha, NE & Kansas City, MO - A/B test on CD playback vs streaming on DAC with Gryphon Ethos at Sound Environment

    We were asked if we tried comparing the Redbook CD playback vs streaming using the DAC on Ethos. We have our opinion but we want yours. Come join us and hear it for yourself and share your opinion with the community! Look forward to seeing you! Flight is taking off... who's coming today? and...
  4. Philip O Hanlon

    Gryphon at the Capitol Audio Fest 2019 (Ethos Launch)

    20/20 Evolution Systems from Potomac MD are honored to announce that we are hosting the N.American launch of the production version of the new Gryphon Ethos CD player. Other Gryphon products include the Pandora preamp, Mephisto stereo amp and the Pantheon speakers; all wired with Truitt Physics...
  5. Philip O Hanlon

    Vote for which album should be shared by music lovers across N.America at the next MORmusic party in December

    We separated the albums into 60th, 50th and 40th anniversary celebration and provided voting links, TIDAL and QOBUZ link for sampling HERE. Click link HERE to go to our voting panel to make your vote count.
  6. Philip O Hanlon

    A little piece of Heaven in L.A. - new Gryphon showroom at the Pacific Design Center.

    Joseph Cali Systems Design opened their new Gryphon showroom last night ; it was utterly magical. Among the Gryphon equipment on demonstration were : Antileon EVO stereo amp, Zena preamp with optional DAC, Sonnet phono stage, Scorpio S upsampling CD player, Diablo 120 and Diablo 300. Speakers...
  7. Philip O Hanlon

    Common Wave (Los Angeles) presents Graham Audio's LS5/9f (new) and a sneak peek at the upcoming LS3P.

    Common Wave is delighted to announce a fun day with Graham Audio, where most models will be on active display. The new LS5/9f (retail $8k) punches well outside its class. While retaining the midrange magic of the LS5/9 Here is what Art Dudley wrote in Stereophile after listening to the LS5/9f...
  8. Philip O Hanlon

    The Gryphon Has Finally Landed in Nevada !

    Long overdue! Reno, Nevada / Tahoe, CA joins the ranks of cities with high end stores with a strong showing of high end electronics manufacturers being represented in curated systems. Mountrose Music: Reno/Tahoe’s only premier home entertainment store and showroom. Situated in Reno NV...
  9. Philip O Hanlon

    Graham Audio's LS5/8

    I installed a factory fresh pair of LS5/8 in our living room yesterday and was gob smacked by their performance. All of the wonderful qualities of the LS5/9 are there: midrange magic, timbral accuracy, three dimensional soundstage. But the bigger brother plays so much bigger, it almost makes...
  10. Philip O Hanlon

    Gryphon Dealer Event - Boston, MA 27 July

    We are delighted to announce that Goodwin's High End will be launching Gryphon electronics at their store on Saturday 27 July. Equipment in the reference system: Gryphon Pandora preamplifier Gryphon Legato phono stage Gryphon Mephisto stereo amplifier Magico M3 loudspeakers Basis Transcendence...
  11. Philip O Hanlon

    Irish notes on Irish Coffee

    wer Powers Gold label is more expensive than Jameson but worth the extra few $$. The cream should be whipped until light & fluffy but still pourable. Do NOT whip until stiff. Besides the good whiskey, great coffee also is a prerequisite. Danesi Gold or Doppio coffee beans are v popular in our...
  12. Philip O Hanlon

    Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London, England + Graham

    Graham's LS5/9 used at the mixing console at the Royal Opera House.
  13. Philip O Hanlon

    Graham Audio display new 2019 models at Munich - Swisstone LS3P

    Swisstone LS3P in high gloss black. The LED is the give-away from the passive version. Another new model from Graham Audio is the powered version of the Swisstone LS3. Continuing the BBC's LS3/5A legacy but making it more user friendly and should be well received by audiophiles looking for a...
  14. Philip O Hanlon

    Graham Audio display new 2019 models at Munich - LS5/5

    LS5/5 in an unusual paint finish, production versions will be in real wood veneer. Joining Graham Audio's line up of BBC licensed monitors is a dramatic update of the original LS5/5 design. Originally designed by the BBC for monitoring their own recordings, in the 1960's, the BBC considered...
  15. Philip O Hanlon

    Stereophile review / comparison Graham LS3/5 and LS3/5A versus Falcon LS3/5A

    LS3/5A in Cherry. "At the end of the day, Graham Audio's Chartwell LS3/5a was my favorite of these three seriously good, BBC-designed mini monitors. As much as I admired the greater openness and air of the Falcon Acoustics LS3/5a, and as impressed as I was by the surprisingly rich, colorful...
  16. Philip O Hanlon

    LS6 review on Darko Audio

    LS6f at Gig Harbor Audio, Seattle WA. "It would be easy to see the LS6 as an LS3/5A on steroids, negating the need for external bass reinforcement from a subwoofer. Graham offers dedicated stereo subs for those who simply cannot do without. I haven’t heard that setup but the LS6 running solo is...
  17. Philip O Hanlon

    Kodo review in The Audio Beat

    ". . . even amongst the really wideband competition, this is still a standout performer, rivaled only by those systems that cost, in many cases, considerably more." Roy Gregory wrote a long in-depth review of Gryphoon's flagship loudspeaker system, the Kodo. Click here to read the review...
  18. Philip O Hanlon

    Mojo S review in SoundStage's ! Ultra

    While Gryphon Audio Designs are famous for their electronics, they have been manufacturing loudspeakers for over two decades. If you can see yourself spending $29,500 for a pair of Gryphon Audio Designs Mojo S speakers, you’ll likely revel in the experience of listening to them. Ownership will...
  19. Philip O Hanlon

    New Graham Audio / Swisstone LS3 - continuing the LS3/5A Legacy

    Dealers are now receiving their demo Swisstone LS3 speakers (retail US$1,895), Derek Hughes has trickled down the LS3/5 & LS3/5A (retail US$2,995) knowledge into a simpler, more affordable package. The LS3 is a small, sealed box two-way loudspeaker that uses many aspects of classic BBC...
  20. Philip O Hanlon

    Unboxing the Trident 2 at AXPONA 19

    Wow, I was amazed to find that two strong guys, if they knew what they were doing could unbox these 700 lb (each) crates, assemble and move into position these amazing speakers. When you consider that these speakers contain a dedicated 500W Class AB amp (153 lb. each) 2,000W peak power on the...
  21. Philip O Hanlon

    LS5/9F Made a Splash at Montreal.

    We were so impressed with the performance of the original LS5/9, that we asked Paul Graham to commission Derek Hughes to design a floor standing version with the mandate that the midrange clarity & magic be maintained. Graham Audio were delighted to launch the new LS5/9f at the Montreal Show...
  22. Philip O Hanlon

    Gryphon at AXPONA 2019

    Gryphon Audio Designs will make a big splash at AXPONA this year. There is the world debut of a reference quality product which will be unveiled on Friday. There will be a 30 minute demo every hour, then the room will remain passive for the other 30 minutes. As there are only 20 seats for...
  23. Philip O Hanlon

    Munich High End in Chicago - Gryphon Soars to AXPONA 2019 - Room #1 Schaumburg C (Gryphon staff and all products on hand)

    Gryphon Audio Designs is making a splash, taking Munich High End to Chicago, with active and passive display galore, a rare opportunity with all current Gryphon components in North America housed in one room with Gryphon staff will be on hand. Closed door demos schedule posted with sign up links...
  24. Philip O Hanlon

    News flash: Vivid Audio Current & Discontinued Models at never before values from ex-distributor | official imports eligible for factory warranty

    Here is a unique opportunity to purchase the most transparent loudspeakers, with startling and neutral resolution at values never offered before from the former N. American distributor. Depending on the size of your room, the desired size of your soundstage, and the loudness you desire to play...
  25. Philip O Hanlon

    News Flash: Luxman new & ex demo current & discontinued official N. American imports with warranty at never before values offered by ex importer

    Here's an opportunity for Luxman lovers to increase your music experience without breaking your bank. Ex-distributor opens up new units and ex-demo units at never before discounted pricing levels for official Luxman 115v imports for N. America. New in the box units carry Luxman normal limited...
  26. Philip O Hanlon

    SoundStage review of the Diablo 120

    The Diablo 120 sounded, in a word, engaging. The hallmark of a great component is the level of involvement with the music it makes possible, and the degree to which it grabs your attention. Returning to Up for It, this recording had me locked in -- I couldn’t tear myself away until its entire 73...
  27. Philip O Hanlon

    High End Audio Meets Fine Art (Gryphon + Yuroz)

    Gryphon during T.H.E Show Newport 2018. This was our first foray into Fine Art meets High End Audio - we ended up with the prettiest room and a beautiful space to relax & enjoy the finest sound quality that Gryphon can offer. Gryphon during CEDIA 2018 in San Diego. We teamed up with Moso Art...
  28. Philip O Hanlon

    Gryphon at RMAF 2018 - Zena Debut

    N.American Launch of Zena at RMAF 2018 Gryphon Audio Designs are honoured to announce the N. American debut of their new Zena preamplifier at the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival to be held in Denver, CO from 5 -7 October at the Denver Marriott Tech Centre. The Zena will be on active display at...
  29. Philip O Hanlon

    Robb Report 30'th Anniversary - 2018 Best Of The Best in Audio - #6 Diablo 300

    photo credit SoundStage "Top designers are creating elegant integrated solutions that sacrifice nothing in the way of performance to a system composed of costly separates. The best example—and our Best of the Best Integrated for 2018—is the new Gryphon Diablo 300 dual-mono integrated...
  30. Philip O Hanlon

    Robb Report 30'th Anniversary - 2018 Best Of The Best in Audio - #1 Kodo

    "Speakers that cost as much as a median-priced American home are no longer outliers in the highest-of-high-end audio. And with that sobering fact acknowledged, Gryphon Audio Designs, the Danish high-end manufacturer of no-holds-barred speakers and electronics, offers audiophiles a four-way...

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