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  1. Billy Shears

    MIT Magnum M1 Phono Tonearm Cable 1 Meter RCA-RCA

    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get your hands on this High-End Tonearm cable from MIT. It features selectable cartridge impedance match of 100, 1K and 47K ohms (choose the one that sounds best in your system) Black Background, 3D imaging and resolution are just a fraction of what...
  2. Billy Shears

    Ipad Mini 2 Replacement parts?

    Does anyone know how i can get hold of a original Ipad mini2 Digitizer (touchscreen) with IC Chip to replace a damaged one? There are tons of spare parts available but most of them Low quality repro from China.... Thanks for your Help
  3. Billy Shears

    "How to create a Negative Audio Review"

    Distinct undertones of Sarcasm.... :-)
  4. Billy Shears

    Help Please! Control 10 /15

    Can anyone tell me how i can tell apart a Control10 from a control15? There is no info apart from the serial number and Windows XP. Thank you for your Help.
  5. Billy Shears

    [SOLD] SME M2 12inch for Sale

    Excellent condition 2 years old. All Box and papers including Van den Hul Tonearm Cable Asking 950 $ Will Ship World Wide....
  6. Billy Shears

    Amarra for Tidal, Winows version coming soon!

    I am so trying this when the windows version comes out:
  7. Billy Shears

    Peachtree Nova 65

    I got a Peachtree Nova 65 for My Dad. Decided to hook it up and run it in before i ship it out to him. Man, this amp should be on top of your list if you need something for under 1K$ with a DAC! It Replaced a AVM C 2.2 in this setup. The AVM has better Bass controll but there is not much else...
  8. Billy Shears

    Meridian MQA

    So i finally got my head round the new MQA format. Found this video quite helpfull:
  9. Billy Shears

    Tech Das Air force Zero Nishikawa San Talks about the pat and future of Tech Das
  10. Billy Shears

    Kef Ls50 Limited Edition

    Same spec different Colours:
  11. Billy Shears

    Why this video could improve any forum on the Net

    But then again, thats just my opinion :-)
  12. Billy Shears

    Jplay with Jriver20

    Should i be using Jplay? I am currently running Jriver 20 alone......
  13. Billy Shears

    Metallica 16 LP Live vinyl Box set coming.

    This is bordering on insane , but if you are a die hard fan probably a must...... Metallica have posted a preview of their forthcoming live vinyl box set, Ultimate Classic Rock reports. The release will include four complete shows from their 2014 By Request tour. The gigs – Montreal...
  14. Billy Shears

    Peter Gabriel Half Speed Master finally turned up yesterday.... I went ahead and orderd all the first 4 Albums. Understand that some of you want to know how they compare to the classic Records Reissues. I wont be making that comparison as i dont own them, and if you do, i dont understand why you would be interested in these...
  15. Billy Shears

    Problem with Pressing

    Hi I need some help: My pressing of London Grammars If you wait has got distortion in one channel over most of the A-side. Does anybody else have this problem and can someone tell me how to avoid getting the same bad pressing again if I re-buy it?
  16. Billy Shears

    Listening to the Audioquest Jitterbug

    I could have posted this in the other thread but it has become so toxic I do not want to pour more oil in to that fire…. Listening to the audioquest jitterbug: I borrowed a Jitterbug last Friday to try with my Hp Laptop running Jriver 20, RAM Playing files through the Chord Hugo connected...
  17. Billy Shears

    You need to try this!

    I was messing around the other night and decided to put a capacitor between my phonostage bindingpost and the tonearm earthlead....... WOW i have no idea what was going on but the difference was not subtle. Soundstage got bigger Low frequencys improved. I dont know whether i was picking up RF...
  18. Billy Shears

    I'm new here...

    Dear WBF Members I have been a Reader for quite some Time and thought this would be a good opportunity to finally join in and introduce myself. I have been a Audiophile since before I even knew what that was. The experiences with (mainly German speaking) Hifi forums have not been great. Tha...

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