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  1. MtnHam

    What's Best? The Absolute Sound or today's High End Systems?

    Back in the day of Harry Pearson and the evolution of the High End Audio, Pearson, in the pages of The Absolute Sound, defined the "absolute sound" as unamplified acoustic instruments and/or vocals performed in a real space, usually a concert hall. The evaluation of reproduction systems (HiFi...
  2. MtnHam

    The Kincade Fire in Sonoma County

    As some members may know, I live in Sonoma County and have been affected by this extreme wildfire. My 40 acre ranch is near the coast, about 30 miles from the fire, but in one of the zones under Mandatory Evacuation because the authorities feared the high winds could send the fire our way, very...
  3. MtnHam

    My San Francisco System- WBF Members Welcome.

    Recently, I established a 2nd residence in SF and have set up a new system based on Sound Lab 's latest and smallest electrostatic speakers, the Ultimate 545's. Given my love of electrostatics, and the small size of the room, this has proven to be an ideal choice. Today, I took delivery of a new...
  4. MtnHam

    Fritz Speakers Carrera 7 Be Loudspeakers- review

    New post on Part-Time Audiophile: Review: Fritz Speakers Carrera 7 Be Loudspeakers
  5. MtnHam

    Oppo BDP-105D/Modwright Truth/Tubes

    A new Oppo BDP-105D player with the Modwright Truth modification and the Bybee Rail and the Audio Magic options will arrive tomorrow. It, and the PS, will immediately be placed on Stillpoint Ultra SS footers. After a few weeks, I will be looking to upgrade the tubes. Specific recommendations on...
  6. MtnHam

    What's the Best Travel Speaker?

    Looking to purchase a pair of small powered speakers for travel.The source will be a laptop running iTunes with lossless files and an external DAC. Suggestions?
  7. MtnHam

    Just joined the Lunatic Fringe- OMG!

    Having previously added a Shunyata Triton, Typhon and numerous Shunyata PC's to my front end, I became a believer. The huge boost to SQ was incredible! Reading Steve's and other's comments on the benefits of having two additional Typhons, one for each monoblock amp, induced me to do the same...
  8. MtnHam

    Repair/Restoration/Mod of Superphon Revelation II preamp

    My 1985 Superphon Revelation II preamp is functioning but in need of work. Additionally, I would like to have an IEC socket installed to replace the stock lamp cord and plug. Can anyone suggest someone to do this? Thanks, Tom
  9. MtnHam

    Hello from the boonies

    A music lover/audiophile since 1960. Retired in 2003, but am busier than ever running the ranch, being a home based dealer, and soon to be part time city (SF) dweller. Actually, we lived in San Francisco for many years (1968-91), including a two year sailing odyssey (1978-80) to the South...

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