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    Problem with Esoteric K1x with G1 clock

    It was a matter of changing the G1 switches from Ground to Normal. Solved the issue
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    Speakers for Pass Labs Electronics ?

    I’m using Pass XP22, XP17 and X250.8 with Harbeth 40.3XD’s it’s great combination. You are lucky with the size of your room it should work great, unfortunately my room is only 16 feet long so my chair is 8’ center and it needs to be about 3’ further back.
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    Problem with Esoteric K1x with G1 clock

    I’m having a problem when playing SACD’s on the K1x with P1 power supply, connected to the G1 clock. It just started recently, usually once per disc the screen will flash CLOCK!, the sound will stop for a second and then resume. I’ve unplugged the unit overnight but still happening. The problem...
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    Pass Labs XP-22

    In theory, it should be preferable to not have a preamp, keeping the system as simple as possible. However in my experience which I have been able to demonstrate numerous times adding the preamp greatly enhances the system.
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    Clef and Note Reel to Reel tapes, incredible selection but are they official

    I am suspicious of the European companies because of their copyright laws. A number of the tapes shown were issued back in the day as 7 1/2 quarter track tapes. Is that what they consider original masters? Just my opinion. The Jimmy Smith title was released by The Tape Project
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    Delmark Records Release Junior Wells Blues Band, Hoo Doo Man Blues on 1/4" Reel to Reel Tape

    Got both the Junior Wells and Jimmy Forrest, great sounding tapes.
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    Review: Wilson Alexia Series 2

    Fully agree, when I first got the 2’s I was running them witha GS150 and it did not control the speaker. I switched to a Ref 6 with Pass X100.8’s and hit the magic spot
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    FS: Audio Research GS150 with new power tube set

    I’m the original owner bought from my local dealer in Atlanta. Absolute mint condition in original boxes with all accessories and documentation. Includes a new set of power tubes still sealed in the original shipping carton. Free Fedex shipping within Continental USA. $8500 If interested...
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    Review: Wilson Alexia Series 2

    I received my Alexia 2’s back in May replacing the original Alexia’s. While they sounded ok, I thought that bass was weaker and in general they lacked some of the dynamics of the originals. I was using an ARC GS150 which was a good match with the original Alexia’s. Recently I switched amps to...
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    Pass Labs XP-22

    The scary aspect is this system is SME 20/3, SME V, Lyra Atlas, Vendetta (with all the latest upgrades), Sony ES5400, Oppo 205, Pass XP22, X250.5 and Maggie 3.7i’s yet on natural acoustic music it is sounding better than my main system which is about 5x the price. This preamp was a game changer...
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    Pass Labs XP-22

    I was using a CJ ET5, the 22 has detail that can't be believed over the ET5
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    Pass Labs XP-22

    Just received the XP-22, which I’m using with a X-250.5 amp. I have a question the only way to turn it off is via the rear switch on the power supply, is it designed to be left on? The second is I have to have the volume at 75 to generate reasonable level with Maggie 3.7i’s is that normal? Thanks
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    audio research Ref 6

    You will still benefit running balanced from your preamp to amp.
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    How good is the Vendetta SCP 2a phono amp compared to the newer stuff

    Thanks Brian, I have the manual and all original paperwork.
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    How good is the Vendetta SCP 2a phono amp compared to the newer stuff

    Spent about 5 hours listening to it yesterday, it's the most detail and fast phonostage that I've yet to hear, it is extremely analyatical however when compared to the ARC Ref3, it lacks the fullness and "bloom" that makes it a more realistic presentation. I will say that the Vendetta comes...
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    How good is the Vendetta SCP 2a phono amp compared to the newer stuff

    Spoke with my friend that gave me the Vendetta and he confirmed that the T upgrade with the Teflon caps was performed 7 years ago and that there were no further upgrades available. Going to install it in my system today and take it for a spin.
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    How good is the Vendetta SCP 2a phono amp compared to the newer stuff

    Thanks sent you an email through this site
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    How good is the Vendetta SCP 2a phono amp compared to the newer stuff

    Does anyone have a contact email for john curl?
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    How good is the Vendetta SCP 2a phono amp compared to the newer stuff

    Just got a Vendetta 2T which was fully updated by John Curl 4 years ago. It will be replacing a Sim Audio phono stage in my second room. I'll be using it with an SME 20/3 with V arm with an Lyra Atlas, which should compliment it nicely. I want to see how it compares to my ARC REF3.
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    audio research Ref 6

    I have my Ref6 for 6 months and I'm just approaching the 170 hour mark. Unfortunately it usually takes the same amount of time for me to break in a component as it does for ARC to put out an upgrade.
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    Sasha 2 Review

    I hate when a good review comes out on a product I'm already in the process of trading in. I'm awaiting delivery on Alexia's having traded in my Sasha 2's.
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    Conrad Johnson ET-5 for Sale

    I've never tried selling on here, before going the "other" route I'd thought I'd give it a try. I have a MINT CJ ET-5 for sale it's 2 and 1/2 years old and I'm the original owner. It's in my second system so it hasn't seen much use. There are only approxiately 300 hours on it and I replaced the...
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    Reel to Reel X2000 - Drive Belt

    The X2000R's belt has a notch because of the auto reversing mechanism. The X2000M uses two belts of different sizes. Original factory belts can still be found in Japan and can be ordered.
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    ARC Ref 5SE Pop sound when Mute is pressed

    When I press the Mute button and with the volume up and nothing playing, I hear a soft pop in the left channel. It just started making this sound, does this sound like a tube issue? I only have 680 hours on the tubes. If it's a tube any idea which tube? Thanks
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    Modifying a Teac X2000M for direct head output

    I want to add direct head output bypassing the internal amp. Looking at the inside I see a ribbon cable that comes off the the head selector switch. I assume that is the cable that is feed into the internal amp. Can someone confirm that is the correct cable? The cable is comprised of three...
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    Opinions on Flux Magnetics quarter track heads

    I'm sending my Otari head stock to JF Magnetics to have a half track Flux Magnetics playback head installed and I'm on the frence if I should also replace the quarter track head. I'm waiting on a Tube Repro preamp and have about 60 7 1/2 prerecorded tapes that I've been buying mostly Jazz and...
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    Can a phono stage with switchable RIAA and IEC eq be used as a tape preamp?

    Thanks Bruce, my concern is that it lacks any trim pots for setting levels, do you think that this is a concern?
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    Can a phono stage with switchable RIAA and IEC eq be used as a tape preamp?

    I have a phono stage that has switchable eq and variable output from 40 to 68. Could this be used as a tape preamp? Thanks

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