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    wilson audio sasha daw, vs B&W 801

    Had a chance to audition Magico S5 and M2. I still think 800D3 is better sounding for classical music and dynamic pop music.
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    B&W 800D3 = Porsche GT3

    I was looking to upgrade my HiFi speakers, so been doing a few auditions /evaluations on Magico A5/S5/M2 , Focal Maestro Utopia, B&W 800D3 (while waiting to get a chance to hear 801D4). It seems to me that the B&W 800D3 as Hi Fi Speakers is like Porsche GT3 as Sport Car. It is not the most...
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    Mark Levinson 536

    I had a chance to compare this 536 vs older 333 Pass Lab , McIntosh, Bel Canto Class D , Benchmark AHB2. It does have more dynamic and transparency.
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    Has Mark Levinson Missed a Trick with their 5000 Series?

    I agree as I had a chance to compare 536 with Pass Xs300, McIntosh 462, Bel Canto Class D and Benchmark AHB2. The 536 has more dynamic and transparency.

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