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  1. Clint

    Calling all Fleetwood Sound Owners; Introduce Yourself

    Update on the sub integration. Before I made my purchase, I called Fleetwood Audio with a few questions. I remember Jonathan saying I would not need a sub, and no sub is fast enough to keep up with the DeVille speakers. I thought to myself, no, my expensive RELs will keep up. It turns out...
  2. Clint

    Calling all Fleetwood Sound Owners; Introduce Yourself

    I am genuinely enjoying my DeVille speakers. The Fleetwood DeVille speakers image like Electrostatic speakers without the Electrostatic limitations. All songs played so far have been outstanding. But some are simply out of this world. I thought I would share three in particular.
  3. Clint

    Calling all Fleetwood Sound Owners; Introduce Yourself

    Thank you glad to be here. The subs are actively in the system. I have them crossed over at about 50 Hz, and the volume is currently at 11:00. I plan to power off the subs as I get to know my new speakers. I have noticed that the DeVille speakers like a little power. I still have not come...
  4. Clint

    Calling all Fleetwood Sound Owners; Introduce Yourself

    Thank you. The speakers are wrapped in the optional Japanese Washi Paper. The stands, horn, top, and bottom are Dark Torrefied. I went back and forth on what finish to go with and am very happy with my decision. I put Paul at Fleetwood Sound through a lot; just trying to decide on the grills...
  5. Clint

    Calling all Fleetwood Sound Owners; Introduce Yourself

    Hello everyone. I want to first thank Jonathan and Paul for providing some of the best customer service one could ask for. My Fleetwood DeVille SQs arrived over the weekend. My first impression was, "wow, these are much larger than expected." Dimensions do not tell the whole story here. This was...
  6. Clint

    Welcome to the Fleetwood Sound Owners Forum!

    Hello, and thank you for having me. SQ's are shipping out on Monday and couldn't be more excited! I've had an absolutely wonderful buying experience and look forward to being a part of the DeVille community. Can't wait to get to know fellow audiophiles here, swap ideas, compare observations...

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