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  1. Drikus

    Cisco 2960 compatible SFP transceivers?

    I don't know if the switch was set back to original/factory settings but I did a reset myself before I hooked it up just to be sure it behaved like an unconfigured switch. I already tried two SX ones with a multimode cable like djsina2 suggested but no luck, forgot I had them lying around but it...
  2. Drikus

    Cisco 2960 compatible SFP transceivers?

    Yeah just found that out, cancelled the order.
  3. Drikus

    Cisco 2960 compatible SFP transceivers?

    Anything? Okay, ordered this cheap LX one to try out;
  4. Drikus

    Cisco 2960 compatible SFP transceivers?

    Just acquired a Cisco 2960-8TC-L V02 switch for next to nothing but it doesn't work with the StarTech SFP1000ZXST I use without a problem with my Cisco SG250-10P switch. So many choices out there but seen as the SFP1000ZXST works with one Cisco switch and not the other, I was wondering what the...
  5. Drikus

    Tulsa King | Official Trailer | Paramount+

    Following his release from prison, mafia capo Dwight "The General" Manfredi is exiled to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he builds a new criminal empire with a group of unlikely characters. Didn't care much for Stallone's previous releases but I was pleasantly surprised by his acting in this outstanding...
  6. Drikus

    Fiber vs. Ethernet sonic differences

    His Paul Pang Quad Switch doesn't have a SFP port so you need two Sonore optical modules Deluxe v2.
  7. Drikus

    Fiber vs. Ethernet sonic differences

    This ADOT FMC is nothing more than a rebadged 10Gtek one it seems…
  8. Drikus

    Fiber vs. Ethernet sonic differences

    Yes and yes. This one: Startech ET91000SFP2 It's powered by the second output of my JCAT Optimo 3 Duo power supply (12v).
  9. Drikus

    Fiber vs. Ethernet sonic differences

    No idea, better contact them about this.
  10. Drikus

    Fiber vs. Ethernet sonic differences

    I'm using 2 Startech SFP1000ZXST, 1 in my Cisco switch and 1 in my Startech ET91000SFP2 FMC. Mind you, they are single mode, not multimode like you're using now so your cable won't work with these SFP's.
  11. Drikus

    Fiber vs. Ethernet sonic differences

    Looking to buy a Phoenix single mode glass fiber cable but what's the recommended minimum length for such a cable? I just recently switched from multimode to single mode but when I still had multimode FMC's there was u huge difference when I tried a 1 m and a 3 m plastic fiber cable in favor of...
  12. Drikus

    The Serpent Queen | Official Trailer | STARZ

    She was a poisoner, mother in love, despot and the mastermind behind a massacre. The dark legend of Catherine de Medici is centuries old and as Queen of France she ruled with an iron fist. Eight-part series based on Leonie Frieda's book "Catherine de Medici: Renaissance Queen of France." Two...
  13. Drikus

    House Of The Dragon-Prequel to Game Of Thrones

    Meh, was a a huge fan of Game of Thrones but this seems to evolve more into a soap opera with the occasioneel dragon thrown in than anything else…
  14. Drikus

    Linear audiophile power supply upgrade

    I'm looking for a power supply adapter for my turntable with the same specifications and connectors as shown here. This one is damaged as you can see here. Any suggestions?
  15. Drikus

    Do Mobile Fidelity Vinyl Re-issues Have a Digital Step in the Process?

    Ah okay I'll delete it then. Didn't read all the previous posts.
  16. Drikus

    What is new in my music library? (recent purchases I enjoy)

    Original 1974 pressing, vinyl in excellent condition;
  17. Drikus

    What is new in my music library? (recent purchases I enjoy)

    I just bought the Denon one because I read about these early digital recordings just last week and wondered about the SQ and this is an original one from 1974.

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