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    How Good a CD Transport is Required to Sound Better than Streaming?

    This year was the first year at AXPONA that we supplemented CD playback with streaming using the Vivaldi 4 box system. While still slightly inferior sonically, the ease of access/playback is undeniable. The gap is narrowed even more by the APEX upgrade and the addition of Ethernet...
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    Vladimir Lamm RIP!

    David, Sad news. His light shone brightly from the love for his family and for his work. The world is a little dimmer today. In sympathy, Alan Eichenbaum Scaena Loudspeakers
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    Axpona 22’ pictures

    Hello Mike, Now that I've caught up from the AXPONA time vacuum, I wanted to correct something. Our room is always un-locked, and the doors are closed out of courtesy to other exhibitors and the enjoyment of the attendees. We maintain no line and if there was one it was self-formed due to the...
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    New Wadax Atlantis Reference Dac

    Circumventing the discussion over the language used in the review, I’ll merely say the writers linguistic descriptions need some polishing (he is no HP), but I suspect his listening skills do not. Focusing on the WADAX DAC instead, I have heard it in a system in which I was relatively...
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    journey to the outer reaches of sound reproduction

    I’ll weigh in here. Wanting to protect my floors from our supplied spiked footers and interested in eschewing spiking , I had previously tried many of the type of constrained layer damping products like Kal posted, rubber with cork, solid rubber( I have pictures of the various products tried)...
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    Nice subwoofers can make your speaker sing!

    Contact me at and I can likely provide some assistance with the set-up of the towers. Alan Eichenbaum Scaena Loudspeakers
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    Reality is Cruel : Cybershaft new Ultimate OCXO 10M Clocks Shootout OP20 vs OP17

    Thank you, Austinpop. We have used the Mutec Ref10 with Vivaldi since its introduction with great results. The improvement offered by the se120 sounds like it is substantial.
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    Most under-rated guitarist of all time?

    The late Michael Hedges.
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    SCAENA Loudspeakers at AXPONA 2019

    Thank you, Lee. Alan Eichenbaum ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Industry Affiliation: Co-owner, SCAENA Loudspeakers
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    SCAENA Loudspeakers at AXPONA 2019

    Hotels are difficult venues to show off the capabilities of a high-end audio system. Add the fact that the listening experience is most often accompanied by the presence of other people talking and walking around the room, thus impacting or completely disrupting the listeners ability to immerse...
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    Valin's new MSB Reference dac & transport review, AS Product Year Award

    Elliot, I agree and I find it is difficult even identifying what one’s own personal “ best” preference is , given the difficulties of isolating components in various systems. Moreover, individual listeners have individual preferences and priorities from any given component or system ...
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    Valin's new MSB Reference dac & transport review, AS Product Year Award

    I have been debating about whether to walder into the frey on this conversation.(excuse the GOT reference- I‘ve just concluded re-watching the entire 7 magnificent seasons). But here goes . I do not think it possible to easily conclude that any of the digital SOTA contenders are “Best”. I don’t...
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    The scene in season two where the fabulously talented Nina Arianda explains to the James Wolk about a possible relationship with her , I found to be just hilarious.Brilliant comedic writing and acting.
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    Reasonably priced dual-master clock (10Mhz) Rb and OCXO....

    Great memory. Critical Mass rack and amp stands. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Alan Industry Affiliation: Co-owner, Scaena Loudspeakers
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    Reasonably priced dual-master clock (10Mhz) Rb and OCXO....

    Thank you for your kind comments. That was the Atlanta AXPONA 2011. Always difficult to get good sound at shows and Atlanta was a success. We showed with BAT and we received several Best Sound accolades including from John Atkinson of Stereophile. Your own system appears to be impressive. I...
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    Reasonably priced dual-master clock (10Mhz) Rb and OCXO....

    Unable to obtain new Cybershaft product, we reached out to Mutec. Truthfully, we had no experience with a 10 Mhz clock and we were unsure on how one might supplement/ improve our 4 box Vivaldi system. Initial listening after 36 hours of clock connection was very favorable followed by a two week...
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    Reasonably priced dual-master clock (10Mhz) Rb and OCXO....

    That is good news. In late March Kenji told me there were no more clocks. ________________________________________________________________________________ Alan Industry Affiliation: Co-owner, Scaena Loudspeakers
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    Reasonably priced dual-master clock (10Mhz) Rb and OCXO....

    Cybershaft not available. The Mutec ref 10 works beautifully for us with the Vivaldi clock/stack.

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