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    iFi audio GND Defender - The Official Thread

    Thank you for your help. I have a litle hum on speakers, and I want to eliminate it. I think that hum is from ground loops. Now I'm using RADIAL PRO D2 PASSIVE STEREO DI BOX betwen Tyros5 and mixer, and this combination eliminate high frequency hum, but there is stil some hum on speakers...
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    iFi audio GND Defender - The Official Thread

    Hello, I'm Jovance, musician from North Macedonia. Please help me! What is the best solution for powered speakers (JBL PRX715XLF and JBL PRX 712) - DC blocker or GND deffender or maybe SESCOM IL-19 hum eliminator attached directly to passive mixer BEHRINGER X32 outputs? What is the best...

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