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    Using 2 WiFi routers in media bridge mode to lower noise level

    I replaced the power supply for the router, connected to the streamer and playing a role of Wi-Fi receiver. It was a simple bundled SMPS (12V). I switched to a chargerlike 6V small linear PS. The improvement in SQ was comparable to introducing Wi-Fi bridge - lower background noise, better...
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    Using 2 WiFi routers in media bridge mode to lower noise level

    I can confirm that adding a second Wi-Fi router to a local audio network improves the sound quality. But to hear advantages of this approach you need to provide clean power for both routers. You need to use power conditioner with independent outlets or replace bundled switch mode power supplies...
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    Why the soundquality improves after reinstalling audio components on a Hi-Fi rack? Is it real or just my imagination?

    Hello everyone! Let me start quite a controversial thread. Some might think I am crazy or whatever. But I really hope some folks can provide an answer to this question I raised in the title of this topic. So what is this all about? It is not easy to explain, but I will try. Lately I decided to...
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    Anyone try Isoacoustics Gaia’s and Townshend Seismic Podiums?

    I can confirm that improving speakers vibroisolation reduces the intensity of (low frequency) room acoustic modes, caused by resonating materials. The better isolation you provide for your speakers and subwoofers, the better room acoustics you get.
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    Speaker decoupling options

    Thanks! Happy to join the forum.
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    Speaker decoupling options

    Decoupling speakers from the floor is the key point to improve the sound quality of any audio system. I would recommend to create an improvised sandwich by using two different devices - two sets of absorbers/couplers and a pair of isolation platforms. You can choose both from one brand if you...
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    Symposium Ultra platform vs $69 Auralex Isolation platform

    Auralex Acoustics isolation platforms are excellent value for the money. I am using a few of them - a pair of ProPads, three BabyGramma v2s and one SubDude-II. In conjunction with Symposium Rollerblocks they provide better dynamics, lower background noise and generally fuller, richer, more...

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