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    How Many Copies of an Important LP Should We Have?

    Few albums I have 2 copies of, usually albums I play frequently, Maybe 10 albums total I have 2 copies of. I have a few albums I have 3-4+ copies. The reason is I'm searching for a clean pressing. Some sellers grading standards are atrocious.
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    My failed experience with Dennis Foley and Acoustic Fields

    Beginning of this month I received a large order from Acoustic Fields. 4x QDA-17 (Diffusers + LF absorption) 6x ACDA-10 (240 lbs absorber) 14 Carbon Panels (200 lbs absorber) 3x CPA (Ceiling Perforated Absorbers) 6 inches deep of the Studio foam in a box that will be hung from the ceiling...
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    Does anyone here have experience with or with true pressure traps?

    My brother had 8 boxes of 703 in his music room. Each box was 4x8'x12" of 703. It was a slight improvement. He added 4 Acoustic Fields Carbon Panels and it changed the room dramatically! I had a similar experience with Acoustic Fields foam. I had some panels made from 703 when I removed them...
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    Silver Slagle Autoformer

    I have an EMIA Remote Cu and love it!
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    Von Schweikert Audio Manufacturer Spotlight

    Damon, Thank you for a very informative and clear explanation. Much appreciated.
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    Von Schweikert Audio Manufacturer Spotlight

    Damon, Thank you. What do you consider a small, medium and large room size? Does ceiling height play a roll in what is considered small, medium and large?
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    How to tame a really noisy AC circuit. Transformer? Line Selective UPS?

    When the circuit the Torus is plugged into has the Greenwave filters, the outlets of the Torus are a little higher noise mV. There is a thunderstorm rolling through and I shut down the system. Checked before powering off. 38mV at the wall outlet. 228mV Torus outlets.
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    How to tame a really noisy AC circuit. Transformer? Line Selective UPS?

    Nothing is plugged into the Greenwave. It only sucks the life out when it's in the back of the Torus. Nothing plugged into the Greenwave still. When they're plugged in to other outlets in the circuit there is an improvement. Very small improvement. My first reason for putting the Greenwave...
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    How to tame a really noisy AC circuit. Transformer? Line Selective UPS?

    I have a Greenwave EMI meter. Construction looks identical to the Trifield, different branding. I bought 6 or 8 of the Greenwave EMI filters. They reduced the readings from 250+mV to around 20mV, depends on time of day. I have a Torus AVR 15 the older model. I have a component that makes the...
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    Holo Audio May KTE Dac

    I’ve tried the Audio Magic Ultimate Premier it was a more dense and rich sound vs the stock red fuse. The soundstage wasn’t as expansive. SR Purple added a pleasant level of richness without getting thick and slow. The soundstage became more holographic. Wasn’t an earth shaking difference. I...
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    The Audiophile Society

    Graffiti Jazz is available on Qobuz 24/48
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    FTA (Final Touch Audio) Sinope USB cable

    The first few days it would go from sounding really good to awful in 20-30 minutes. That is the wild burn in I was talking about. One night I turned the system off and did something else for the evening because it was so bad. Now It's surpassed the Callisto and I'm really pleased with the...
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    FTA (Final Touch Audio) Sinope USB cable

    I’ve had the FTA SiNOPE in my system for 10 days now, I’ve been playing playing music through it almost 24 hours a day. I’m comfortable saying the cable has 180-200 hours on it. The SiNOPE had the most wild burnin I’ve ever experienced with a cable, took 40ish hours to settle down and become...
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    37 foot single ended interconnect

    I have a 26 foot RCA run from my turntable to my preamp. I'm very happy with the setup, no noticeable noise or hum. Removing a tall rack and TT from between the speakers made a very positive improvement.
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    Audiophile 24bit 96khz Studio Master Files on BandCamp!

    I really enjoy using bandcamp. When possible I prefer to buy from them so the artists get more money. The downloads are really easy and quick too.
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    YouTube warning

    DuckDuckGo offers tracking and ad blocking. If their tracking blocking isn't capable of blocking youtube videos, I say it's prudent that they inform you of that.
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    Decware TORII MKIV or Decware Zen Mystery Amp

    Yes, the wait is brutal but well worth it. What speakers are you going to be driving with it?
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    Decware TORII MKIV or Decware Zen Mystery Amp

    I have experience with both amps. I have a Torii MKIV with 25th anniversary mods. My Brother Has a ZMA with 25th mods. The Torii MKIV is my favorite piece of audio gear I’ve ever had in my listening room. Once upon a time I had a whole VTL stack powering Wilson Maxx 2’s and transparent cable...

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