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    HI, Can someone post the review or send it to my mailbox of the Avalon Saga in the JAN-FEB-MARCH issue of the HIFICRITIC. I own a pair and am very interested in the review.But HIFI CRITIC wants 22 pounds for the issue.(Ridiculous). If someone subscibes to HIFI CRITIC and would like to send it to...
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    Where to put 3 Furutech Flux 50 NCF Filters

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone with experience with the Flux-50 NCF might have a idea where to put 3 Filters I am getting shortly.I would like to put one on the video setup but the other 2 have me puzzled. I listen to 90% vinyl and also have a Magnum Dynalab 809 Internet Tuner,very little to...
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    Who is the best person anywhere(UK USA Asia) to contact about Koetsu rebuild

    Looking for best person or distributor in UK or Asia or USA foe Koetsu coralstone platinum rebuild. They change so often I lose track. Robert
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    looking for NOS pair of GM 70 copper plate meant for Lamm ML3

    Hi,I am looking for a NOS pair of GM 70 copper plate,meant for Lamm ML3s,please send private message if you have a pair. Regards Robert

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