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  1. Vienna

    Disappointed with Kiseki after sales experience

    A year ago, and after having read so many reviews for Kiseki Purple Heart I had purchased one. it’s a very musical cartridge and will do fine for no critical listenings. I didn’t have any technical problem with that Kiseki, however it was given as a present to a guy who had purchased a Prime...
  2. Vienna

    Best material for turntable belt

    Hi guys, I wonder, whether anyone has gone deeper in alternative materials for turntable belts. I read recently a paper for o rings and new different materials are not in production which are more suitable for dynamic applications. These materials have abrasive resistant qualities and they are...
  3. Vienna

    SME 30/12 or VPI Avenger Reference or Kronos Pro or Tech Das Airforce 3 or...

    As I am looking to upgrade my turntable (currently own a VPI Prime Signature) I need your opinion and your experience on the title’s turntables Any other suggestion is welcomed Thanking you in advance
  4. Vienna

    Gryphon Legato phono

    Has anyone have any experience with Gryphon Legato? Recently my Pass Labs XA160 Power amplifiers and XP 22 pre amp, were replaced with the Gryphon Mephisto Stereo and Pandora. I had decided to keep the Pass Labs XP 27 phono but I am thinking of replacing this too with the Legato Thank you for...

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