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  1. Bobvin

    LINN Klimax DS3 vs Lumin S1

    Ignoring format playing possibilities, has anyone compared these two streamers in their system. I've heard the Klimax briefly in my system when my speakers were being setup, but I've not heard the Lumin. Big price difference. My Wilson setup guy says the Linn compares very favorably to some of...
  2. Bobvin

    Measuring basics - microphone/computer questions

    From what I can see Jim Smith first determines the seating position that'll be out of room nodes, then places speakers for maximum musicality. My Wilson setup guy has not done this step in the past, but he is still able to get amazing sound in any room. Since I've done the big remodel, I have...
  3. Bobvin

    Rumours turns 40

    Fleetwood Mac's Rumours still sellin millions:
  4. Bobvin

    How does one get "trained" ears?

    OK, frequently commented on is golden ears, or trained ears. But I've never seen notice of any class on how one might develop 'trained' ears. I know there is a thread of what music to use for evaluating components, speakers, etc... perhaps a reviewer or two (or more) can describe not only what...
  5. Bobvin

    Lighting in your Music/Media room

    OK, this could be posted in several forums... I'm in the final phase of my room redesign. We had one go of it only to receive an out-of-this-world bid which sent me back to reduce scope and scale a little bit. Now we've modified the plans/drawings, I am finding I will be adding about 16 new...
  6. Bobvin

    New Record Pressing plant in Portland area

    My wife noticed this and shared with me:
  7. Bobvin

    Wilson & ARC for me...

    I'll tell the tale of my return to Hi-Fi later, but here's my latest: Last year, about this time, my wife was told she'd worked her way out of a job, but there was a position in Portland they wanted her to take. I got the news, and a "Honey, I'm going to be living in corporate housing in...
  8. Bobvin

    Einstein Turntable's Choice (dual mono) vs ARC REF2SE

    Is there anyone in the crowd who has compared Einstein Turntables's Choice (dual mono version) to REF2SE? Or, who has heard the TTC period? I have this phono-pre and Mikey Fremer once considered in his reference group of phono-amps, circa 2007 or so. I'm curious what others who've heard it have...

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