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  1. vinylphilemag

    Nakamichi Dragon

    I've just hooked up the Nakamichi Dragon that was included in my recent record haul, and I'm pleased to report that it works like charm! I still have a handful of cassettes from yesteryear but alas, I threw away most of my home-recorded (on metal tape, no less) tapes a year or two ago on one of...
  2. vinylphilemag

    Good place to find record values?

    Hi all, With the exception of eBay, what are some good places to ascertain the value of records, including audiophile and non-audiophile records? Also, what Internet resources are there to educate oneself about records from Decca, Mercury, Living Stereo, and so on?
  3. vinylphilemag

    Early Classic Records boxed sets

    My understanding is that early in their history (the mid 1990s), Classic Records produced a number of limited edition boxed sets. My recent haul has four of them: The Brit Box; The Export Box; the Deluxe 1S Edition; and The 1S Box, Volume II. I've heard vague references to a Verve boxed set, so...
  4. vinylphilemag

    How do you count your records?

    I'm sure most of us have been asked at least once in the past, "How many records do you have?". If all we're talking about is single LPs the answer is pretty straightforward. But what about albums that consist of more than one LP, or boxed set--or even audiophile editions of single LPs that...
  5. vinylphilemag

    The (or at least, A) motherlode!

    Occasionally I read about lucky fellow vinyl nuts who have been fortunate enough to score a fair sized collection of records at a great price. For once, I'm pleased to be the teller of the story, rather than the reader! For a little over a year I've been talking with a local gentleman about his...
  6. vinylphilemag

    Vinylphile issue 8 is ready for download!

    Hi all, Just a quick note to say that I have FINALLY published issue 8 of Vinylphile! You can download your FREE copy from here: (all back issues can also be downloaded from the mag's web site). Sorry it's been so long in the making, but thanks...
  7. vinylphilemag

    What to do in and around Denver, CO?

    Hi all, Thinking ahead to October, we're planning to take a few days' holiday before going to RMAF. With an emphasis on scenic sight-seeing, what are peoples' suggestions? Ideally doable in a day from Denver Tech Centre...
  8. vinylphilemag

    Vinylphile issue 7 is ready for download!

    Hi all, With all the post-RMAF excitement, I forgot to post that Issue 7 of Vinylphile is now available! I've made some tweaks to the layout and am interested in hearing your feedback. Here's a link to the issue: As always, thanks for reading!
  9. vinylphilemag

    Vinylphile issue 6 is ready for download!

    Hi all, I know it's a little late, but I wanted to let you know that the sixth issue of Vinylphile is now available for download! This issue is a bit special for us, because it marks our first birthday! Yes, it was one year ago this month that we published the first issue of Vinylphile, and...
  10. vinylphilemag

    Vinylphile issue 5 is ready for download!

    Hi all, Just a quick heads-up that issue 5 of Vinylphile is now available! You can download it for free from here: Thanks for reading, and enjoy!
  11. vinylphilemag

    Salon Son & Image Show 2011 in Montreal

    I've just booked my tickets to the Salon Son & Image Show in Montreal (March 31 to April 3, 2011). Are any other WBF members planning to attend? If so, I'd love to meet you!
  12. vinylphilemag

    Vinylphile Issue 4 is now available!

    Hi all, Just in time (literally!) for New Years, Issue 4 of Vinylphile is now ready for download! This issue contains more gear and music reviews than our previous issues, our RMAF 2010 photo essay, and more! Here's a direct link to this issue...
  13. vinylphilemag

    Issue 3 of Vinylphile is now available!

    Hi all, Just a quick post to let you know that issue 3 of Vinylphile is now available for free download. Here's a direct link to the mag: As I type we're gearing up for our first ever Christmas issue, so enjoy the mag and thanks for...
  14. vinylphilemag

    Oyaide R-1 outlets

    Hi all, From the research I have conducted, it seems that the Oyaide R-1 (together with their matching WPC-Z covers) are the ne plus ultra in AC outlets. I'm planning to run a few dedicated power lines to my music room, so I'm considering using them (despite the relatively immense cost they...
  15. vinylphilemag

    Issue 2 of Vinylphile is now out!

    Hi all, Just a quick line to say that Issue 2 of Vinylphile is now available for FREE download! Here's a direct download link (it's a 36 MB PDF file): Enjoy, and thanks for reading!
  16. vinylphilemag

    Acoustic Sounds acquires Classic Records

    I guess this was only a matter of time before it happened, but after purchasing all of their remaining inventory earlier this year, Chad Kassem's Acoustic Sounds has now purchased Mike Hobson's Classic Records. Here's the full newsletter containing the announcement.
  17. vinylphilemag

    A Day of a Wilson Audio experience

    Hi all, On Saturday my wife (Jenny) and I met up with fellow forum member Mike Ruegamer in Vancouver to attend a demo of Wilson Audio's new Sophia Series 3 hosted by The Hi Fi Centre. After the demo Mike invited us back to his place for dinner and conversation (and some listening too!)...
  18. vinylphilemag

    Rmaf 2010

    Hi all, I feel a bit silly discussing this when summer has just barely begun, but is anyone planning to go to this year's RMAF in October? It'd be nice to put a few names to faces, so maybe we could arrange some sort of social one evening?
  19. vinylphilemag

    Announcing Vinylphile: a freely-downloadable, vinyl-centric audio mag

    (My thanks to Steve and Amir for their permission to post this announcement.) Hi all, As some of you know, I lost my computer programming job late in 2008. About a year ago I decided to put my (ahem) writing talent to use and publish a magazine about something I've loved almost my whole...
  20. vinylphilemag

    Hello, World!

    Hi all, I've been a music lover my whole life--I blame my dad--and I listen almost exclusively to vinyl. I live in Kelowna, BC, with my wife, Jenny (who tolerates my audio "habit"). I got the hifi bug years ago although my system wasn't that good. As I got more into the gear side of...

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