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    Atma-sphere MA-1 MK 3.3 - Fuse Replacement Vs. Upgrading Power Cord

    This keeps troubling me. I am about to replace all the standard fuses with SR Blue. I read that many have tested this SR Blue and very happy. There a total of 6 fuses, 3 on each amp. I was wondering, would the improvement more significant between replacing the fuse or upgrading the power...
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    Beware of Scam!

    I have advertised some stuffs on several online websites. I got a potential buyer who has been asking many questions, almost every day. At least, he portrayed himself as a nice gentleman. He asked me to take photo of the serial number, the next day, he asked me to take my picture with the item I...
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    Forsell Air Reference CD Transport - Need Help!!!

    Guys..I am so happy because after a few months of hunting down the Philips CDM 9 Pro and its related parts such as servo board, motherboards, finally my Forsell Air Reference CD Transport is up and running smoothly. I even have the spare in case the optic and its dedicated servo need...
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    Transport to Spin Red book CD's

    I have been using Auralic Aries for almost two years now, feeding the music files stored in a dedicated NAS to Lampizator GG Balanced. However, last week, I borrowed 47Labs Flatfish transport from a close friend just to test. We selected the same album and played it both. Here is the result...
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    Too Many Tubes???

    With current systems, I am using 31 tubes in total. I am going to test a new Atma-sphere MA-1 by tomorrow evening. In that case, I will be using 67 tubes in total. :( I have no idea how it will sound because right now, I am still conducting tube preconditioning. Lampizator Golden Gate 5 tubes...
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    Lampizator Golden Gate Balanced Playing DSD256 and DSD512

    Hi..I was about to play both DSD256 and DSD512 on my GG. Last month, I got many files mixed between multichannel and stereo. This morning, I have removed all multichannel files and stick to stereo alone. However, when selecting either DSD256 or DSD512 (only 1 file), there is only noise, no...
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    Rockport Technologies Lyra

    I just ran into knowing there's another line speakers line coming up from Rockport. It sits between Arrakis and Altair price range. Last year, they introduced Cygnus and this year, Lyra. Apparently, some ultra high-end speakers manufacturers are going to aluminum castings race this lately. Would...
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    Update On Elrog Tubes

    I have just read an upgrade on what's going on Elrog Tubes. Apparently, they have been struggling and finally, Thomas Mayer took a courageous decision to continue the production of this brand. I hope they will be able to sort out the incompatibility issue of Elrog 300B tubes with Lampizator...

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