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    Finally gonna do something about my room...

    Update July 7, 2019: I've just finished the two corner traps shown below, and that completes all the panels I had planned for this project. In total; I've built the three rear wall panels (two with 2" Rockwool 60 and center panel with 4" Rockwool 60), a single pedestal panel with 2" Rockwool...
  2. J

    Finally gonna do something about my room...

    Update Tuesday July 2: I've completed three wall panels and a pedestal panel, all with 2" thick, 6lb density Rockwool and exposed brown oak frames. One of them is a 56" x 42" panel placed over a window behind the sofa and covered with a Carverfest banner. Tomorrow I will start the...
  3. J

    Finally gonna do something about my room...

    Update Saturday June 29: I have the big panel's frame (that will cover the window behind my listening position) and three smaller 24 x 48 wall panel frames essentially completed--- just applied the first coat of satin polyurethane, which will be sanded and final coated later today. The big...
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    Cross-connected coaxial speaker cables

    DIY Electrostatics
  5. J

    Cross-connected coaxial speaker cables

    The cables I was using before were also DIY cables, except they used Mogami coax cable with the stranded spiral wound shield conductor; which I believe is the very same cable used in the $600 ESL speaker cables sold by Inner Sound. Those cables sounded just fine, as do my new cross-connected...
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    The Eros Clone DIY Electrostatic Speaker

    Hi All, The exquisitely crafted speakers shown below were built by my online collaborator, Mervyn Tims. I have a website (Jazzman's DIY Electrostatic Loudspeaker Page) dedicated to building electrostatic speakers, and I often receive requests for drawings of my (3) ESL designs. Most people...
  7. J

    My Beveridge Electrostatic Speaker System

    Nice work, Ted I was admiring your room too, especially the wooden structure on the back wall which I'm guessing is some kind of cabinetry? Also, the two items on pedestals behind your mains caught my attention-- are those additional speakers or bass traps? And are you still using those same...
  8. J

    Finally gonna do something about my room...

    Hi all, I'm inspired to build some DIY acoustic panels for my living/listening room after hearing a really exquisite system setup in a dedicated sound room. I was absolutely floored by the tight, crisp quality of the bass notes. The owner explained that he had spent a lot of time dialing in the...
  9. J

    My Beveridge Electrostatic Speaker System

    It's good to have you here, Ted And good to hear those Bev lenses you built worked so well. Jazzman
  10. J

    RIP Dr. John

    Sad news indeed. I'm fortunate to have seen him play on two occasions in Savannah, and of course; he was fantastic!
  11. J

    Horn based system from southern coast of Turkey

    I love your system and room Komodo... and you're a very lucky guy to have a wife that shares (or at least accommodates) your passion for audio. I haven't heard anyone comment or mention the ceiling diffuser... did you build that too? And is it made of wood or foam blocks? Nice work!
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    project... power amplifier

  13. J

    DIY ESL's

    Yes; I've built several different types of panels and the welding rod panels were an interesting project. Before I learned about electrical segmentation I had no idea it was possible to widen a flat panel's dispersion and curve its wave front electrically. Generally; unsegmented flat panels...
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    DIY ESL's

    Oh geez guys, thanks so much for the compliments on my speakers and website. I seldom build speakers these days (even DIY ones aren't cheap) but I get almost as much satisfaction from my website. I've sent years attempting to make it a one-stop resource to convince other DIY'ers to take the...
  15. J

    DIY ESL's

  16. J

    Hello from Savannah, Georgia- USA

    Thanks for the welcome, Steve. I've already posted a couple of my projects on the DIY forum here.
  17. J

    Hello from Savannah, Georgia- USA

    Thanks for the welcome.... give a yell if you're ever in Savannah Where in SC?
  18. J

    My Beveridge Electrostatic Speaker System

    I've read much about Harold Beveridge and his marvelous speakers but never had an opportunity to hear them. Your's appear to be in great shape! The concept of running the panels via direct drive is intriguing and I would love to do it. Unfortunately; I haven't the smarts to build such an amp...
  19. J

    The Electric Comet

    Youtube - The Electric Comet
  20. J

    Tom's modest system...

    A beautifully balanced, articulate system, Tom. And I know because I've heard it :-) Charlie (a.k.a. Jazzman53) from Carverfest
  21. J

    ack's system - end of round 1

    Nice rig you have there, Ack ESLs have an addictive sound that I think most people who've owned them would find it hard to give up for something else (I have some very nice ones, myself). I've always been a jazz fan but of late I've had the urge to explore the classical genre -- I just don't...
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    Cross-connected coaxial speaker cables

    As a general rule; you can design a cable for either low inductance or low capacitance but you can't have both in the same cable. This cable comes about as close to cheating that rule as any I've seen. I built a pair to drive my ESL speakers. Enjoy! Link to parts list and build photos...
  23. J

    DIY Ripole Subs

    Link to build pics and drawings: Jazzman's Ripole Subs
  24. J

    Carver & DIY ESL two channel system

    Hi all, Below is my vintage Carver two-channel system with homebuilt ESL speakers and rack. The signal path is from a Logitech Transporter into a Behringer DEQ2496 and DCX2496 and (4) Carver TFM-25's driving homebuilt wire-stator ESLs and homebuilt Ripol subs. The ESLs are hybrids with a unique...
  25. J

    Carver Reference System

    Hi Dr K, I have several of Bob's vintage solid state amps and I'm drooling over your big tube amps. I've heard the Cherry 180's and also the Raven 350's driving the ALS speakers, which sound wonderful--- I can only imagine how those big 900's would sound like. The ALS is so efficient anyway...
  26. J

    DIY ESL's

    Below are a link to my DIY ESL website, a video link, and a couple of speaker photos-- enjoy! Jazzman's DIY Electrostatic Loudspeaker Page Video from Carverfest 2018
  27. J

    Klipsch Cornwall III Replicas

    Your speakers are gorgeous! If you have some build pics, please share :-)
  28. J

    Hello from Savannah, Georgia- USA

    Hi All, I'm a manufacturing engineer in the aerospace industry and I'm past retirement age but still working (two ex-wives). I'm into DIY and I listen mostly to jazz and oldies. I tried multi-channel but I've now gone back to two-channel audio and loving it. I have some vintage Carver gear...

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