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  1. dalethorn

    FiiO Q1-II Portable USB DAC/Amp for iOS Devices

    Youtube review: Photo: Sources: iPhone XsMax, iPad Pro 11-inch, Oppo HA-2se/DragonFly Cobalt DAC-amps, AudioQuest DragonTail USB-C. When I first read about the FiiO Q1-II, I ignored it, having other premium portable...
  2. dalethorn

    Edifier P841 Around-Ear Stereo Headphone with Smartphone Controls

    Youtube review: Photos: Sources: iPhone XsMax/iPad Pro 11-inch with Oppo HA-2/AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt DAC/amps, various computers using the Meridian...
  3. dalethorn

    ESS-422H Heil Air Motion Transformer Headphone review

    Youtube review: Photos: Sources: iPhone XsMax/iPad Pro 11-inch with Oppo HA-2/AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt DAC/amps, various computers using the Meridian Explorer2/AudioQuest...
  4. dalethorn

    Grado WH1 'White' Limited Edition Headphone review

    Youtube review: Photos: Sources: iPad Pro 11-inch/iPhone XsMax with Oppo HA-2/AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt DAC/amps, various computers using the Meridian Explorer2/AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt/DAC-amps. Review note: My first...
  5. dalethorn

    V-MODA M100 Master Around-Ear Stereo Headphone review

    Youtube review: Photos: Sources: iPhone XsMax/iPad Pro 11-inch with Oppo HA-2/AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt DAC/amps, various computers using the Meridian Explorer2/AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt DAC-amps. Review note: My...
  6. dalethorn

    AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt USB DAC & Headphone Amp review

    Youtube review: Photos: Sources: iPhone XsMax, iPad Pro 11-inch, Macbook 12-inch, Generic PC Tower, Meridian Explorer2/Oppo HA-2se/DragonFly Red DAC-amps, AudioQuest JitterBug, AudioQuest DragonTail...
  7. dalethorn

    Marantz MPH-4 Around-Ear Stereo Monitor Headphone review

    This headphone under the Marantz name retails for $120 USD, yet I got it from a major hi-fi retailer for $60. The review explains why it's worth having, for those who are willing to tweak the sound or try mod'ing it...
  8. dalethorn

    Marshall Minor II Bluetooth Earphone review

    Here's an interesting earphone - similar to the Airpods insofar as the earpieces do not go into the ear canals, but different in having a much more secure fit, yet the sound is a mixture - deep bass no better than Airpods, but from the upper bass to the top end much more like a typical IEM...
  9. dalethorn

    Beyerdynamic Lagoon Around-Ear Bluetooth/ANC Headphone review

    Here is a $400 USD bargain. It might not have the absolute resolution or toe-curling bass of the average $3000-and-up headphone, but I don't there's anything below double its price that can touch it for overall sound quality. Highly recommended, and Bluetooth and ANC are merely the icing on the...
  10. dalethorn

    JVC Flats On-Ear Stereo Mini-Headphone review

    Now this is *really* different, so before I get back to the newer and much costlier headphones, consider that this $13 USD headphone may sound better (equalized) than many so-called flagships that are played "as is"...
  11. dalethorn

    Marshall MID On-Ear Bluetooth (non-ANC) Headphone review

    Another great bargain by Marshall, if purchased at the latest $99 USD price (B&H etc.) - This is the Bluetooth, but non-ANC version.
  12. dalethorn

    B&W PX ANC/Bluetooth Around-Ear Headphone review

    A beautifully-made and good-looking headphone, less costly now at many locations. The major downside is a somewhat hollow sound from a lower-mids emphasis - looking inside the earcups I think I see why. Excellent with EQ due to the high-quality drivers and build...
  13. dalethorn

    Marshall Major III On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone review

    The bargain-priced Marshall Major III was a shot in the dark for me, and it paid off - not so great without an equalizer, but excellent with. Great comfort, good quality build if you get the genuine article, decent aesthetics. I highly recommended it based on the stipulations in this review...
  14. dalethorn

    Pioneer HDJ-X10c Carbon Fiber Edition DJ Headphone review

    Here is my latest purchase - a very excellent DJ-style headphone, which just might be an excellent audiophile choice as well.
  15. dalethorn

    Beats Solo3 Special Disney Edition Bluetooth Headphone review

    Here's my review of the newly price-reduced Beats Disney special edition headphone .... I like it for several reasons, and I recommend it if you don't mind the value equation.
  16. dalethorn

    Pryma by Sonus Faber (2019) Stereo Headphone review

    I had the Carbon Marsala edition in 2015, and I've had the urge to get this one ever since (same headphone but different colors), and now that they're discounted to less than half price, it was a no-brainer. One caveat - this was made for fashion, less for sound, although the sound does equalize...
  17. dalethorn

    V-MODA M80 (2019) On-Ear Stereo Headphone review

    This is a quickie review of the v-moda M80, a headphone I owned a few of circa 2011-2014 in its several incarnations (V80, M80, XS). The V80 was the True Blood(c) branded edition, the M80 was the same thing in shadow, matte black, and white, and the XS added the CliqFold mechanism as well as the...
  18. dalethorn

    AudioQuest NightHawk Carbon Stereo Headphone review

    I just purchased the AudioQuest NightHawk Carbon at a closeout price of $299 USD in the U.S. The original price here was $699 USD, so the new closeout price is 3/7 of the original. The packaging was new with the NH Carbon, and so well packaged that it would survive severe moisture and humidity...
  19. dalethorn

    V-MODA SpeakEasy Lightning DAC Headphone Cable review

    Here is a nifty accessory for users of Apple Lightning devices. I found this DAC-cable good for situations away from home or with Bluetooth headphones, whenever I would have time to sit and relax in a relatively quiet place and get some high-res listening in...
  20. dalethorn

    Grado GH3 Heritage Edition Headphone (followup review/new info)

    This is my followup review of the Grado GH3, with new video and text and new music tracks. The music track listings are from the same template I used for the Grado GW100, and as it turned out I made only one change - to the Fairmont-Poble Sec track, where the GH3 bass was obviously not as strong...
  21. dalethorn

    Grado GH3 Heritage Series Stereo Headphone review

    Here's my comprehensive review of the new Grado GH3 in the Heritage Series. It's neutral, it's spacious, it's made for music, and nearly as light as a feather:
  22. dalethorn

    Grado GW-100 Bluetooth Headphone followup review

    This is a bit different from the original review, addressing 4 common questions and testing with EDM music tracks.
  23. dalethorn

    Grado GW-100 Wireless/Bluetooth Open-Back Stereo Headphone review

    Grado's first wireless/Bluetooth headphone is both musical and fairly neutral. I admit to being pleasantly surprised by the sound quality. Highly recommended.
  24. dalethorn

    V-MODA Wireless-2 Codex Headphone (new item) review

    Ostensibly the same edition as my previous purchase in matte black, I ordered the white version with custom "Immortal Angel" shields for a few reasons - to test the codecs against the black version, check for sample differences and add a new video, and run the music tests with my standard set of...
  25. dalethorn

    V-MODA Crossfade2 Wireless (Codex Edition) Headphone review

    The v-moda Wireless 2 Codex Edition is the latest Bluetooth model, following on the build and sound of the v-moda M100.
  26. dalethorn

    Beats UrBeats3 'Decade Collection' Earphone/IEM review

    Here's a little sleeper item - a $99 USD earphone (IEM) that few audiophiles would suspect of being a good listen. And it might be, with the right eartips. It definitely is with a good equalizer...
  27. dalethorn

    AudioQuest NightOwl Audiophile Stereo Headphone review

    The NightOwl has great potential in having tonality superior to most non-premium or non-audiophile headphones, but the frequency response tuning needs a good bit of tweaking...
  28. dalethorn

    Beats Solo3 'Decade Collection' Bluetooth Headphone Review

    My full review of the new Beats Solo3 "Decade Collection" headphone - likely a purely cosmetic difference from the late-2016 original Solo3. Bluetooth == yes, Noise Canceling == no.
  29. dalethorn

    Stereophile 'Earbuds' Souvenir IEM/Earphone review

    This is not my usual hi-fi headphone/earphone review, but given that this was a free subscription perk from a famous source, I thought it would interesting to see how much sound quality I'd get with it. (Spoiler: not much)...
  30. dalethorn

    Shinola Canfield On-Ear Stereo Headphone Review

    The Shinola Canfield On-Ear is a small headphone of very modest sonic quality, but with an awesome aesthetic and build quality. I report the sound with a moderate level of EQ tweaking, and it is excellent. Some audiophiles don't believe that EQ will make a headphone sound better, which is all...

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