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    The launch of The Record Player at BITEC Bangkok & the Hong Kong Show 2019

    Genesis is proud to announce the launch of THE RECORD PLAYER - a full system encompassing the rack, phonostage, power supplies and turntable. A collaboration between Gary Leonard Koh of Genesis and Harry Weisfield and Mat Weisfield of VPI Industries.l We don't have full information ready to...
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    2nd Batch of Foster Kittens - 2019

    From a feral colony that was being TNR'ed. They were the right age - about 6 weeks. Too young to be fixed, but tameable. So they were removed while older siblings, their parents and other cats were trapped, neutered and returned. Their human caretakers fed the colony well as their cat mom did an...
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    Little Stars (New Fosters, 2019)

    Presenting Oscar (Orange boy), Toni (Grey tabby girl) and Emmy (Dilute Tortie girl) These three are rescued bottle babies. About 6 weeks but really, developmentally about 5 - wobbly about the legs, haven't quite started jumping/climbing. The former foster Mum who specializes in bottle fed...
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    Oreo & Cookie - Thanksgiving Fluffy Fosters - 2018

    These two are... FLUFFY! Two long haired, classic Tuxedo kittens. Oreo on his first day home - shy and scared. And Cookie - a little girl. A little hesitant at first, but quite social.
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    Genesis & Gary at Capital Audio Fest - 2018

    Gary will be at the Capital Audio Fest this weekend with our dealers out there on the east coast, Hi-Fi Sales -- who will be showing the Genesis Maestros and debuting the VPI 40th anniversary turntable. Keep your eye on this thread. I will update it with his photos and videos. :)
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    Genesis & Gary at the GuangZhou AV Fair

    This is the GuangZhou AV Fair's 25th show, and the first that Gary is attending. :) Also, for the first time in recent audiophile memory, we have a room large enough to demo the flagship Genesis loudspeaker. Look at the size of the room! Large enough to swing a Genesis Prime! They said...
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    Labor Day Kittens (2018)

    Well, I have Nigel back. They decided not to neuter him because of the heart murmur. His brother (cousin?) Tony has been adopted, and I also received Grace - who was found with a sister in the middle of a field, cold and unresponsive. Her sister did not make it unfortunately. They were both with...
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    Genesis & Gary at the Hong Kong Show 2018

    Gary's in Hong Kong setting up for the big show that starts tomorrow. August 10, 2018. In his own words:
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    2nd batch of fosters 2018

    Snagged from somewhere... they were flea infested, snotty, covered in diarrhea. The rescuers bathed them, applied flea treatment, got them vetted, and once they were deemed stable, I got them. Goopy eyes, snotty nose, poopy farts. These guys stayed IN the cage and I washed them every day until...
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    Genesis at TIAV 2018

    Gary & Genesis will be at the Thailand International High-End Audio-Video Show 2018 this weekend, Aug 2 - 5, 2018. Hosted by What Hi-Fi Magazine Thailand, it will be held at the Bitec Bangna Hall in Bangkok. Genesis will be hosted by Audio Excellence Thailand and showing the Genesis Forte...
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    We have Kittens!

    I am late with foster kittens this year as I adopted an adult cat in March. Baer is a pure bred Snowshoe Himalayan. 4 years old. Here he is inspecting the new fosters. From left to right, sir Baer Fluffington - knight to Queen Daisy. In the cage - Freddie, Amelia, Robbie & Georgie
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    George Washington's Cherry Bounce

    So I have a little "Infusion" hobby - I make things like spiced brandy, fruit infused vodka, etc. Last Christmas, I made George Washington's Cherry Bounce. The recipe is from Mount Vernon : 10 to 11 pounds fresh sour cherries...
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    Genesis at CES 2018 - Made in the USA - Genesis, Viola Labs & VPI

    We are once again in suite 29-233 at the Venetian in Las Vegas for CES. Come visit! This year, we are partnering with Viola Audio Labs - founded in 2001 to continue on the legacy of MLAS and Cello since the 1970’s, VPI Turntables - 2nd Generation! They have been around since the 80's and...
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    Thanksgiving Furries

    Two timid little girls from a trailer park in South Seattle. I foresee lots of kitten cuddling in my near future.
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    August 2017 Furry Fosterlings

    Three five week (just about) old kittens. Still a little wobbly about the legs, able to climb but they get about 2 feet off the ground and cry for help. A game Cat-Daddy friend had been lobbying for a "Mamba" after his favorite basketball player so I decided that the other two needed...
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    Weekend Boarders - July

    A kitten foster mom (friend of mine I got into fostering) went off on a long weekend, so I got her little one for a few days. This little one was found in a bunch of laurel bushes by a restaurant - police even got involved in trying to trap her. Scared and lonely, she needed to learn to be...
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    2nd Batch - 2017

    A trio of brothers - all with white socks and so they got named after dancers. Frankie (Sinatra) Gene (Kelly) Bojangles They've made themselves at home, finding all the nooks and crannies around the house, behind the filing cabinet, beside the piano, the hammock under the...
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    Fosters Trio, 2017

    I picked up my first Fosterlings of 2017 on Saturday. Three from the same litter, two black - a big boy with a kink in his tail - independent. He will come to you when he's good and ready, and a sweet little girl who likes to snuggle, one tabby - loud, obnoxiously demanding boy - thinks he can...
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    A New "Live at Bernie's"

    Also known as "What Gary and Genesis are up to now."* What some may know is that one of Gary's favorite demo records, Anne Bisson's "Blue Mind" was re-mastered by Bernie Grundman and released as a 45 RPM, and the effort was sponsored in part by Gary L Koh, Genesis Advanced Technologies and in...
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    The Genesis Phonostage

    Many, many moons ago, Gary embarked upon an epic journey with electronics design. Along the way, he put a phonostage in the Pre-Amp he was designing and people (dealers & audiophile friends) noticed. Since we love the sound of vinyl, he began to think of it as a separate product, but I made him...
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    Sophie & Valentine

    Good news, both boys - Joe & Dee were adopted Saturday. I received a little white Fluffbutt to keep the Calico company. The little white Fluffbutt was named Valentine - for the Vee on her forehead. Another pic - she's just adorable But with those pics, we have to have new ones of...
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    New Lodgers - October 2016

    Two little bonded Tuxedo boys - about 14 weeks - who just needed a place to stay between adoption events as they are neutered and a little Calico girl of about 6 weeks are the new fur-babies in the household. Joe and Dee - named for the rescuer that got them from the apartment complex. A...
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    Fosterling Elwood

    This is Elwood - Brother to Felix and the runt of the litter who had a URI (upper respiratory infection) that kept returning when he was stressed - and he was stressed a bit - first the URI, then to a failed foster-to-adopt situation, and then back and forth with a store employee to keep him out...
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    An Appeal for Help to Rescue Cats & Kittens

    Hello all, if you have the wherewithal to help, please consider making a donation to Friends of the Animals Foundation (Seattle, WA). This is the organization I foster for. They've had some high expenses with vet bills this year - a couple cats which needed an eye removed, a kitten which...
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    Temporary Boarders of August 2016

    From Top: Sammy, Duke & Ella. A trio of older kittens trapped from the same feral colony, these 3 were friendly enough to be fostered, fixed and adopted out. Duke was a little shy but a little turkey solved that problem. Same with Ella - she's quite a singer too! Sammy - well, he's a busy little...
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    Crowd Cow has Wagyu! Grab it quick before it's gone. I've got my shared (again) :D
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    Fosterling Felix

    Trapped at a feral colony - hence the ear-tip. Hissing, growling, swatting - but not aggressive. Just oh, so very, very scared. So he received the swaddling treatment every evening and morning. Quite a talker. He has a lot to say.
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    First Furry Four Footed Fosterlings of 2016

    The black long-haired kitten with blue eyes is male, the tuxedo green-eyed kitten is female. Brother and sister, about 5 weeks old. They managed to trap them, then a day or two later, the mum and the dad. Keep your fingers crossed for two more kittens that are MIA. Name suggestions happily...
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    Advert for a kitten (Humor)

    Free to a good home... Sweet, loving, well behave..... Oh hell, I cannot even type that with a straight face... Let's try this again. For the love of all that is holy, someone please save me from this tiny furbearing demon! His given human name is "Scout". But I believe that his feline...
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    For the coming holidays - Carol's Egg Nog Recipe

    Sharing a recipe that scales nicely. This is my tried / tweaked recipe - but of course it is to my taste. :) 1 fresh egg (large) 1 oz heavy cream 2 cups whole milk 1 oz bourbon/brandy/spiced rum - or other choice of alcohol 1 small stick cinnamon 1 tbs sugar or honey grated nutmeg to top...

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