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    Does different biasing of different Volt change the sound in tube amps
  2. J

    mola mola Tambaqui

    Has anybody heard this DAC what are your impression
  3. J

    Clipping of amp

    I am using Ypsilon amp which has a light in the front which denotes the amp is on, today I played a new album from Pink Floyd brick in the wall and I noticed that the light on the amp was blinking from normal to dim as the music was dynamic the light dimmed with the music is it normal or am I...
  4. J

    Ypsilon DAC 1000

    Anyone using the Ypsilon DAC 1000 SE and compared it to other DACS
  5. J


    I saw a you tube video running the same speakers with a set amp of line magnetic of 24W the 219 IA so why do you think a 50w class A push pull will not do the trick
  6. J


    Digitale audio systeme has anyone heard their equipment if so how are they
  7. J

    Ypsilon DAC

    Black in color mint 10/10 condition NOS DAC from Ypsilon for sale 240 V for Europe and Asian countries any interest please PM me Price 10000 euros.
  8. J


    Dear friends could someone throw light on the rating of class A 50W push-pull 300B tube is equivalent to what power of AB can a class A50W push-pull 300B amp drive a speaker of 91 Db like a 200W class AB
  9. J

    Verity audio

    Hi any idea how their Lohengrin sound
  10. J


    Ron I am going for Canary audio M600 50W class A my speaker sensitivity is 91db at 8ohms I hope they can drive the speakers
  11. J

    AMP and PRE mating

    Thank you lets see what others have to say
  12. J

    AMP and PRE mating

    Hello friends just ordered the Canary Audio M600 power amp which has 50W class A with the input impedance of 150,000 ohms I want to mate it with the Ypsilon Pre 100 which has an output impedance of 150 ohms and the input impedance of 150Kohms. Will they both mate or will it be a mismatch kindly...
  13. J


    Has anybody tried WLM speakers top line what are your opinions?
  14. J

    Canary Audio

    Has anybody had experience with canary audio M600 power amp what were the best 300 tubes used
  15. J

    New Room

    Thank you it's all done with scientific geometry look at the celing and front wall
  16. J

    New Room

    New room done
  17. J


    Yes the Ypsilon gear is infact very good though good is a mild word for the level the Ypsilon plays but I sure would like to try the Aries Cerat but they are not available in India
  18. J


    Hi friends ultimately did the room the bass is lacking maybe need to do speaker placement properly
  19. J


    not SS only if you can recommend better please feel free
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    Hello, friends, I am looking at some amps to replace my Ypsilon Aelius Mk2 not that I am unhappy with it but just the audiophile itch to hear something else the amps I am looking at are Analog Domain Clysto, Technical Brain, BAlabo. If anyone has heard them with a comparison to Ypsilon please...
  21. J

    Takatsuki TA-S01 300b amplifier

    I would love to try this amp what could be the price and its power rating
  22. J

    Boulder 1021 CD/DA/Streamer Player

    What is the voltage it operates on
  23. J


    Hi everyone looking to venture into tubes integrated can someone tell me about the above subject amp 845SE or can suggest something which is sweet and more 3D in sound
  24. J

    AMP from Italy

    Guys check this out
  25. J


    Which is better sound you being there feeling or they being here in the room
  26. J

    Complete ypsilon setup

    But will sell only the DAC

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