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    Pictures of rooms with SMT material

    Hi all, I thought it would be interesting to start a thread for those among us that appreciate the SMT material :-) Here is mine to start with
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    Adding the Primary Control Kinea as a source to my existing digital gear

    Hi all, I am a long term listener to exclusive digital gear, through CD's first and the last number of years from a server through a DAC. But a couple of months ago I added a turntable to the stable and I want to share my experience of it herewith. My analog gear is not comprised of a Primary...
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    Testing and embracing Stacore

    Hello, I don’t know if this is the right thread to post this topic but it does come closest to the description! Being a proud owner of the Symphonia horns I realize that in a small(ish) room like mine (22 m²), the amount of acoustic (and hence physical) energy in the room and conveyed...
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    Premiere of the 432EVO MASTER top streamer

    Latest 432EVO streamer, called the MASTER, is now the top model and will be premiered at Munich High End Audio Show 2017 in the Aries Cerat room, Halle 3, P13 - ultimate two box streaming & music server solution - custom power supply in separate chassis with 3 linear supplies (only one...
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    Installing Aries Cerat Symphonia horn speakers

    Hi all, Want to share the journey for installing the new Symphonia speakers that arrived in my garage. Five crates on three pallets. They will be installed in the next few days by Stavros himself :-) Here are some pictures already as I can't wait to unpack them :p. Finish looks amazing...
  6. flyer

    High end Munich 2017

    Hi all, happy to announce that Aries Cerat will again have a big presence at the Munich High end show from 18 till 21 May. They will have a dedicated room and be present in at least one other room. I will be posting on the details of the system that will be present in the near future.
  7. flyer

    New Music High End Innovation Show in Brussels, October 15 & 16, 2016

    Hi all, Wanted to let you know that, like previous years and with increasing success, the High End Innovation show will take place in Brussels. Last years, systematically 4 to 5000 visitors showed up to see and hear the latest and greatest. Where: Courtyard Marriott in Brussels, just 5...
  8. flyer

    A new SMT level 3 reference room

    Hi all, I thought I'd share with you my new dedicated listening room which I completely refurbished to become an SMT demo and reference room. My old room had in the beginning a number of Schroeder panels in the front and then some absorbers on the sides. As time got by, the number of...
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    Upgrading to Totaldac Twelve

    As I first learned to know about Totaldac through this forum about two years ago, I would like to give some feedback on my on-going discovery of the Totaldac as I have decided some months ago to upgrade the monodac from Totaldac to the model Twelve. First I must say that it took a long time...
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    How to convert a string of albums in one directory to different sub-directories

    Hello, I just ripped a few hundred CD's with EAC and can't recall it asked me, when setting it up, that each album should come in a separate folder. Now I have the Totaldac server, it appears I (the system rather) should have saved all the albums in separate folders instead of one continuous...
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    Tube rolling with my Zanden 3000 preamp

    I thought I would share some interesting experience. Though being very satisfied (as much I liked a tad more bass) with my preamp, I thought I'd try what a different tube in the output stage could do. My preamp, a Zanden Model 3000, has effectively one double triode tube (type 5687WB) which...
  12. flyer

    Anyone has experience of the SRA Ohio platform for a Lamm 1.2 reference amplifier?

    Hi all, just wondering if any of you has experience or can comment on the effects of an SRA Ohio platform for the Lamm amplifiers? Any alternatives I should consider? Thanks!
  13. flyer

    Preamp shoot-out

    All, as I have been drawing quite some interesting information from this forum I would like to return and share some experience while looking for a preamp upgrade; Old system configuration; Source: Weiss Jason 24/176 -> Grimm CC1 reclocker 24/176 -> Weiss Medea (upgraded to accept 24/176...

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