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  1. Elberoth

    OMG - have you seen those Magnepans !?

    Apparently, this is some DIY project. I'm blown away!
  2. Elberoth

    FS: MSB signature transport for DAC IV, V, Select, Discrete, Premier - CHEAP !

    Selling MSB Signature DATA CD IV transport with Signature Dual Transport Power Base. Works (via MSB Pro I2S interface) with: - MSB DAC IV - MSB DAC V - MSB DAC Discrete - MSB DAC Premier - MSB DAC Reference - MSB DAC Select II - all other DACs via standard AES/EBU, RCA or TosLink outputs...
  3. Elberoth

    Barclay Digital - the biggest scam of the 90s ?

    Those of you who have been in this hobby since the 80-90s, probably remember the company called Barclay Digital. They used to make probably the most expensive CD transports of the era, costing up to $30.000. $30.000 maybe not be shocking today, but back in the 90's ... that was over twice the...
  4. Elberoth

    GigaWatt launches their first line of amplification ... the Marton !

    I haven't been so fired up for ... well, for a while :) The new amp - Marton Opusculum Reference v2.00 - not only looks spectacular: - but there is a great history behind it as well. Maron is a little known, but very highly regarded amplifier manufactuer from Poland. The guy behind Marton -...
  5. Elberoth

    [FS] Lampizator Golden Gate balanced with volume - highest spec

    For sale Lampizator Golden Gate, balanced version with volumne, analog preamp built in with analog inputs (RCA and XLR), 3 digital SPDIF inputs and USB input, DSD 512, superclocks etc - the basicly highest spec possible. Over 3 years of warranty left. Black faceplate, premium KR PX4 tubes and...
  6. Elberoth

    [WTB] Wadia CDP remote working with 860 CDP

    Metal or plastic one. Will consider any cosmetic condition. Must work with the 860 CDP.
  7. Elberoth

    Analog "Guru" Wally Malewicz passed away

    Analog expert and my dear friend Wally Malewicz, passed away unexpectedly Wednesday, June 6th after suffering a heart attack. Michael Fremer said that most of what he knew about TT was as a result of what Wally taught him. He have just posted a few words on Wally, which are worth reading...
  8. Elberoth

    Beware of - another scam

    Beware of from Berlin - this is another scam site. They even claim they have one of their showrooms in Warsaw (which is not true). This is the kind of emails they are sending out to potential buyers: Dear Adam, The units are still available for sale. Condition is...
  9. Elberoth

    FS: darTZeel NHB-108 Model One B with SNCP - latest and greatest

    This is simply the finest stereo amplifier on the planet. It was the Stereophile “Product Of The Year” and deservedly so. It can best be described as giving the best characteristic that one hears with tubes and with solid state. It is natural and at the same time commanding. When the best is...
  10. Elberoth

    The new affordable A-series from Magico

    I wonder what the price will be ... $10k ? $15k ? It seems to retain core Magico technologies: aluminium enclosure, berillium tweeter and carbon fibre mid/woofers (may be even nanotubes or graphene reinforced, but Magico may want to keep those techs to more expensive models).
  11. Elberoth

    FS: Acoustic Revive RTP-4 Ultimate Power Distributor

    Selling Acoustic Revive RTP-4 Ultimate Power Distributor $1290 MSRP: $2990 StereoTimes 'Most Wanted' award winner. Acoustic Revive Ultimate Power Distributors start out life as a solid block of 2017 Duralumin, which is then machined into a chassis. The blocks of...
  12. Elberoth

    FS: Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement MC - brand new in a sealed box, 2 years warranty

    Selling the Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement MC Cartridge. Brand New in a Factory Sealed Box with 2 years Clearaudio warranty (till 07/2019) !!! THiS IS THE LATEST VERSION STATEMENT and NOT the earlier version V.2! Asking Price: $8,590.00 MSRP: $15.000 Here are some...
  13. Elberoth

    FS: Transrotor Artus FMD turntable ($175.000 MSRP)

    Selling Transrotor Artus FMD with a dedicated stand. Only 1 year old - mint condition. $75.000 It has a magnetically coupled drive assembly, which means no points of contact between motor and platter. It's machined from solid billets of high-grade aluminum, finished to an...
  14. Elberoth

    FS: Metronome Kalista Dream Play CD transport 2017 - the latest, 115/230V

    The latest and greatest CD transport from Metronome - Kalista Dream Play This transport have been just introduced by Metronome - first units have shipped to costomers in January 2017. $23.000 (Export price. EU residents please add 23% VAT sales tax - EU price: 23.500 EUR)...
  15. Elberoth

    A must have watch for the Magico owners

    Richard Mille RM50-03 Like the Magico speakers, it also uses graphene reinforced carbon fibre. So if you want a watch that will go well with Magico speaker - well, this is it. $1.000.000 in retail. BTW - there is a great...
  16. Elberoth

    My Magico M3s have just arrived

    The long wait is over. Soooo happy ! My unpacking pics below. The speakers came in 2 separate wooden crates (plus a set of MPods on top). A single crate weights 350lbs (!). Forklift is your only option. I got them home with a help from pro movers. From there, I was able to unpack them...
  17. Elberoth

    Magico M3 unboxing
  18. Elberoth

    Ordered the Magico M3 today !

    It is all your fault. And Mike (mbovaird) is the most guilty of all of you. He has been talking about the M3 and how great they are for weeks ... Same for Rob (rvisinta). Everyone has their limits. I couldn't stand that talk anymore and ordered a pair ... I think you can officialy call me a...
  19. Elberoth

    Aurender W20 vs my hot-rodded PC server

    I've been playing with PC audio for the past 5 years. I've started with a standard CAPS v2 Lagoon server and have ended up with pretty much maxed out CAPS v4 Pipeline server: - sever MoBo and RAM - battery PSU for the SSD - linear ATX PSU - Jcat Femto USB card - Jcat SATA cable - Teddy...
  20. Elberoth

    Audio Video Show 2016 - Warsaw, Poland

    What a crazy weekend ! For those who haven't been, or haven't heard about the show I'm running over here: When I first booked in to cover AVS 2016, I had no idea what to expect from it. Now that I’ve been there and done that, I can say with confidence that Poland’s Audio Video Show is...
  21. Elberoth

    Jcat launches the new, 'Femto' USB card

    Good news for those of us are running PCIe/USB cards. Jcat has just launched their new card, that uses superior, ultra low nosie crystal oscillator (XO or just clock), chance the name 'Femto' (from the amout of jitter the XO has, measured in femto seconds). The card uses the excellent...
  22. Elberoth

    dCS Network Bridge

    dCS has just introduced the Network Bridge. It allows Elgar/Debussy/Puccini/Paganini/Scarlatti owners to take advantage of their network streaming tech, as used in the Rossini/Vivaldi. Making the Network Bridge Chris Hales, dCS Director of Product Development, gives his...
  23. Elberoth

    AudiogoN violation flags

    I just got a second 'violation flag' from AudiogoN. I got the first one last month for stating in the ad text that I accept bank wire transfers only, even though AudiogoN forces you to use PayPal (and by doing so, puts you at a great risk as a seller). Today I got a second for sharing my...
  24. Elberoth

    Living Voice Vox Olympian - Kevin Scott talking about the design (video)

    A great video about the mighty Living Voice Vox Olympian horn speakers recorded dring the last Audio Video Show in Warsaw. Kevin Scott - the designer - talks about the design details: Original article with lots of unique images from the factory ...
  25. Elberoth

    Audio Video Show in Poland (6-8.11.2015) - show images

    Some images form the Audio Video Show in Poland last weekend (6-8.11.2015). With 145 rooms, this is the second largest show in Europe after Munich right now. It takes place in 3 locations: Hotels Golden Tulip and Radiosson Sobieski, and National Stadium (I believe this is the first show in...
  26. Elberoth

    OMG - Sonus faber makes headphones !

    And they DO look great. They have 'I want' written all over them. I need to get those, if only for the cool factor.
  27. Elberoth

    No original box ? A custom flight case to the rescue !

    I had to comission a flight case for the FM 122 phono. I had the original carton box, but the packing material was missing, so I decided to go this custom route. I'm happy I did, as the flight case looks milion times better and costed me only ... $150. Yes - one hundred fity bucks. That is...
  28. Elberoth

    Manufacturers forced to stop SACD players production

    Sony just stopped SACD support. They have stopped manufacturing SACD decoding chips, meaning ALL manufacturers have to stop SACD player production. This is why dCS Rossini - which is the Puccini replacement - does not have SACD drive. Esoteric has some stock, but that will not last forever...
  29. Elberoth

    FS: Siltech Empress Double Crown 1m RCA interconnect

    Selling Siltech Empress Double Crown 1m RCA interconnect. Asking Price: $8,200.00 New Retail Price: $20,000.00 Equipped with premium SST RCA connectors. First owner. One year old. Bought from the official Polish Siltech distributor - Nautilus Eter Audio - as indicated on the box label...
  30. Elberoth

    FS: Siltech Ruby Double Crown 1.5m Power Cord EU

    Selling Siltech Ruby Double Crown 1.5m Power Cord. Asking Price: $4,200.00 New Retail Price: $10,000.00 Factory terminated with top of the line Furutech IEC and EU/Schuko connectors. The Furutech Flux FI-E50(R) (Schuko) can be easily re-terminated with the US or AU version. They are $308 at...

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