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    Waversa Wcore, WRouter, Streamer

    I would like to shout out to John Ketcham, of Kevalin Audio and his line of Waversa products. Frankly, these products should be taken very seriously, and they don't get allot of talk on this side of the pond. They really should. John exposed me to them by force darn near, and I am glad he did...
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    FS: Empirical Audio Synchro Mesh Reclocker with all cables/adapters

    Up for sale, the Empirical Audio Synchro Mesh Reclocker. This one has all the latest updates including the most recent where most all of the chips get replaced. The latest 2 updates takes this little box to absolute world class status. Truly competes with the best sources I have heard. It is...
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    FS: Soundsmith Paua and Zephyr Cartridges

    The original Paua $2200 shipped CONUS as is. Will ship worldwide, but please contact for shipping cost to you. You can play the crap out of this one if you want to, but it should have a retip done. About $750-$800 to get it refurbed, and you have one fine cart. LOMI, Low Output Moving Iron...
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    FS: Backert Labs Rhythm 1.1 Linestage Tube Preamplifier!

    $5750 bank check, MO, Paypal. Paypal is plus fees (3%). Plus actual insured shipping. Original box/packing, stock tubes, remote, tube access door, power cord are included (everything). As a sweetener, I will throw in my favorite tubes with this preamp. The RCA COMMAND 5814's. These will be truly...
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    WTB: Cardas Golden Reference Speaker Cables

    Looking for the standard pairs, around 2 meter in nice shape. Spades all ends also. Let me know if you have some you want to part with. Thanks
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    CHORD DAVE On A 2CH Rig Anyone?

    This DAC is getting some unbelievable praise with headphone users... Those guys IME tend to highly praise every new thing that comes out though. So.... I was wondering, if you people that have one of the DAVE's in a 2ch speaker rig, could share your findings...? System for context, comparisons...
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    FS: AudioQuest Oak Speaker Cables

    $1850 Shipped CONUS Just like new. Everything is absolutely perfect, might have 2hrs play time. Not biwire, just single 8ft pair runs. Silver Spade to Silver Spade, flawless. No marks on the spades even. Includes silver polishing cloth as well!! :) These are absolutely authentic, direct...

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