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  1. Hyperion

    Ansuz Acoustics: P-A-C-D

    We've got various models from the P, A, C and D-series available at discounted prices. These series has recently been replaced by the version 2 series (P2, A2, C2, D2) All cables are in mint condition. Please visit this link for a complete list...
  2. Hyperion

    High End Munich 2018 á la Perfect sense

    Our annual report (in Swedish of course) is now online. Fortunately, our visual language is somehow universal . Then there's Google translate of course, which is sometimes your friend. Here you go:
  3. Hyperion

    High End Munich 2016 á la Perfect sense

    Morning has broken... Full picture sets here: The new twenty.25 line from PMC. Looks very promising based on the performance of the original twenty-series in combination with some new innovations and upgrades.
  4. Hyperion

    High-end Munich (á la Perfect sense | Stockholm)

    Here it goes... I will be doing daily updates to our Facebook feed as well: Best. / Marcus
  5. Hyperion

    New streamers from Aurender!

    Aurender launches two new streamers - the N100 and N10. The N100 will be available in January followed by the N10 in March 2015. Both offers NAS connectivity with full cover art browsing etc. The N10 will also have internal storage capacity of 1TB (SSD). Prices are not yet official...
  6. Hyperion

    Got a question for Flemming Rasmussen (Gryphon)?

    Hello, I’m preparing an interview and photo story with Flemming Rasmussen (founder of Gryphon). The final reportage will be published online in the fall. If you have experience with Gryphon and their products, or are generally interested in the company, its philosophy, the products or the...
  7. Hyperion

    CH Precision vs. Soulution

    Hi, A quite obvious comparision - which I haven't really seen anyone make - would be a swiss battle inbetween CH Precision and Soulution. Both shares the same pedigree somehow with expertise within both digital front end development and analogue amplification. Any thoughts or experiences...
  8. Hyperion

    The Perfect sense Munich report!

    For those of you who can accept a Google translate (or perhaps might enjoy the visuals) - here's our edited coverage of the Munich show...
  9. Hyperion

    More from Munich! I'll be adding more pictures and comments - in Swedish :) along the way. / Marcus
  10. Hyperion

    Brinkmann Balance vs. Spiral Groove SG1 vs. TW Acustic Black Night

    Hi, I'm seriously considering one of these turntables at the moment, and I would truly appreciate any opinions regarding them related to sonics, reliability, flexibility, ease of use & maintenance etc. The candidates are: - Brinkmann Balance anniversary (turntable, 10.5 tonearm, Ti-cartridge...
  11. Hyperion - trustworthy?

    Hi all, I've been looking at some of the offerings from this online dealer recently: Does anyone know if this is a trustworth dealer (or not)? Thanks.
  12. Hyperion

    Aesthetix IO (Eclipse) phono preamp

    Hi, I'm seriously considering this Phono preamp (with the additional line input and volume control), and would like to get in contact with potenial owners of the IO-series from Aesthetix. I believe the IO is what I'm looking for sonically (and I'm also a big fan of the design and user...
  13. Hyperion

    Zanden 3000 - how's it holding up?

    Hi, I'm seriously looking at this preamp(used) to partner with my Karan monoblocks. What concerns me slightly is that it has been on the market(more or less unchanged) since about 2004. Is it still holding up against the competition? If anyone has experience with this preamp and would like...
  14. Hyperion

    ASI amplifiers - anyone seen or heard?

    A few high-end dealers that I've been in contact with recently believe these newly introduced amplifiers to be among the very best out there (clearly outperforming brands such as Soulution, Vitus, Gryphon, Karan...). Has anyone seen or heard them? Designed by Frank Tchang and constructed and...

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