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    Vivid Kaya 45

    I use the the Giya G3's in a 11*13*8 room with wonderful results. For the first time in my life, I don't want a new pair of speakers.
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    Cary DMS 500/550/600: Looking For User Feedback

    I just pulled the trigger on a dms 500, I'll post on my opinion, once I get to know it. First digital component in 10 years, I'm hoping it is enlightening.
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    6 Moons Review of the Giya G4

    I have no regrets shelling out for my G3's, they ARE my desert island speakers. Better than I ever could have imagined, nothing laid back about them, even with a Koetsu cart mounted. With a DV xv-1t, I fear damage to rooms structures. BTW I drive a 12 yo BMW, I still like the steering better.
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    I need to see if they break above the last shoulder.
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    Power Conditioning Advice

    Wow, please don't upgrade until you try a HZ. The difference between the mongoose and HZ is tremendous. I have hz on all my components. They X series are made by CH acoustic which was the company Dan tagged to make the HZ cable. Consider the HZ a X15. Run don't walk! I just saw you use tubes...
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    Power Conditioning Advice

    What is your concern with the Dmitri? I have used one for about 7 years, no interest in changing. Tried many others, different, but never better. Usually PRaT and dynamics were affected. The Dmitri seemed to kill noise without ill effects, or at least none that I heard. Most just seem to...
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    Degritter ultrasonic record cleaner

    That is a serious accusation! I expect you can post a copy of the email, or should we just take your word for it? 3 machines failed, assuming a PRO failed too? I had my first Audiodesk pump fail and replaced, was not happy, but I had cleaned 700+ records and it did change my life. The sound...
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    Effects of improved power cords on turntables

    Unlike most on this thread I have actually done this. I used a VPI classic 3 and had some slight motor noise when up close, with some associated vibration, I got great sound and stable speed. When upgrading power cables I had an extra RSA Mongoose and plugged it into the table to see if it...
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    Aries 3D with Benz Micro Low Freq oscillations in my JL 113's

    Russ, I have been there buddy, its feedback. The horrendous noise that makes it sound like the needle is gonna jump across the table and your speakers are gonna blow. Your listening and it sounds so dialed in, you crank it louder and louder then it slowly starts as a hum that grows in...
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    Turntable Upgrade advice

    I have been looking at that, also a graham phantom 2. Any thoughts on the differences between the three setups?
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    Turntable Upgrade advice

    Hi, I think my VPI Classic 3 is due for an upgrade, I'm looking for obviously better sound, but also a tonearm that is much more precise. I will probably buy used, 2 arms are appealing, or easy cartridge swaps. I have extra VPI arm wands but truthfully don't swap them out much because...
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    Atlas SL arrived

    This thread is starting to gnaw at me. I'm running a DV XV1T which I love, an upgrade from a Kleos SL. I enjoy the improved dynamics and treble response. What would the Etna(SL) or Atlas(SL) bring to the party over the DV? Thanks.
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    Audiophile Fuses

    Luckily just the fuse and my lava lamp lightbulb. Stunned my modem and turntable power supply, required unplugging and restarting. Luckily no serious damage.
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    Audiophile Fuses

    Can someone recommend a replacement fuse for a Lamm LP2 phono pre, my hifi tuning just blew. I'm using the stock Lamm now, any one have any ideas on a top quality replacement? I want clean, quiet, and dynamic, with ironically no "tuning." Thanks jeff
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    Joining the Giya Family!

    They are spectacular. I will still need to experiment with positioning, when adjusting toe in Rodney what should I pay attention to to know when I've reached the sweet spot. The ceiling mount is a bitch on the back to install but in the long run makes vacuuming easier.;) I have been listening...
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    Joining the Giya Family!

    Getting to know them, very nice so far.
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    Stillpoints & Shunyata @ Axpona 2015 with Vivid's V1.5

    I was surprised they didn't put stillpoints under the speakers, isn't that the classic use for Ultra 6's. Vivid is resonance free as advertised?
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    Joining the Giya Family!

    On their way, just a few more days. I can't wait. In my room if I do 8 feet apart I will be closer than the recommended .8M to the side walls. Also that seems like a lot of toe in, I'll need to experiment. Keep the advice coming. Jeff
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    Joining the Giya Family!

    Hi All I recently purchased some used G3's and expect delivery next week. These are dream come true speakers and I cant remember being this excited for a physical object in a long time. It brings me back to my teens where I'd sit in a Barnes&Noble for hours looking through all of the audio...
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    best amps for vivid audio Giya G2

    I'm looking for some updates on these setups. The CAT/Spirit combo? Any one ever hear naim and vivid together, looking hard at the G3's? Using Revel/Joseph now. Thanks, jeff
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    Giya G3 close to side walls

    How big is your space? Any overpowering resonances? Looking hard at these speakers.
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    Harmonic Resolution vs. Critical Mass RACKS? Sonic and Engineering Differences?

    That is system tuning. Very different. These companies don't tune vibrations, they eliminate them either by dissipation as heat usually or by draining them away. In the case of SRA the designer used to work for Govt designing cloaking mechanisms for submarines, thus expertise in electronic...
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    Harmonic Resolution vs. Critical Mass RACKS? Sonic and Engineering Differences?

    I think you need to include silent running audio in this discussion. Changed my system for the better. Quieter backgrounds, much greater imaging specificity and solidity. Cant vouch for CMas on HRS and SRA. Highly recommended.
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    What SONG are you listening to right now?

    Hole in the Sky Black Sabbath NEMS 1st
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    Stabilizing the JMW 10.5i arm with magnets?

    awesome, keep us posted. Although I must confess the wobble does bother me too much and my cart is very sensitive to azimuth setup DV-1 T. I would expect a need for decreased antiskate given opposing magnets. Did you need more with the numetal? Definitely want to try this.
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    Carver AV 505 Review

    I have a vg av705 in sitting idle. Open to offers. Great amp, just hums in my system.
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    Phoenix Engineering Eagle PSU and RoadRunner Tachometer

    That was my read on this. With the SME 30/12's superior motor, platter, belt, and pulley machining, one would think less correction would be needed IF your house line voltage is stable. Like everything else in audio, you won't know till you try one. These units are relatively inexpensive and...
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    Phoenix Engineering Eagle PSU and RoadRunner Tachometer

    Barry, Nice to know it works well with the SME 30, that's my upgrade I think from my Classic 3, though the avenger looks nice, sort of an 80's micro seiki look.
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    Simon and Garfunkle; Concert in Central Park, (from 1981) Lp

    Saved me some dough gentleman. Thanks. I'm remember that I used to be shocked at paying 45-50$ for a double 45 like rumours thinking they were the best, now I'm paying bigger bucks for clean originals;:D As they seem to crush most reissues imho. This original is had for cheap luckily, great...
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    Lamm LP2.1 Deluxe

    Thanks, I'll contact Lamm. My unit had amperex 5842's to start, the WE made all all the difference, agreed. With nos 7308's and a good power cable my chinook was close to the lamm, UNTIL I changed rectifier and 5842's to the WE. It was a whole new level of sound! Jeff

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