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    Audio Research- An underated Gem?

    At one point or another through the 90s into the new millenium, I owned examples of the ARC Classic 30, Classic 60, and then for most of a decade the Classic 150 monoblocks. I loved the sound of these hybrid fet/triode 6550/KT88 power amps. While I really enjoyed the ARC LS2B line-stage that...
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    Which rack i can buy???????????????

    My custom rack is an attempt to practically address and incorporate all of the things that I have empirically found to be effective and important over years of experimentation and tweaking. I think it works really well but it is rather impractical to compare competing uber-rack products to each...
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    need a abomorphic lens for benq 2150st projector

    The sort of questions you are asking on entry level HT products would be much better answered over on the AVS Forums. This site tends toward the very high-end and mostly two channel audio. The Audio Video Science forums cover beginner to advanced home...
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    Recommendations for new line

    Aesthetix or Atmasphere
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    The Irishman | Netflix /// Coming up

    Exactly! Looking forward to this one.
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    The Irishman | Netflix /// Coming up

    How can you go wrong with that cast, director, and story material?
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    Ad Astra Trailer

    Indeed it does. Looking forward to this one.
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    The Boys (2019) Amazon Prime TV

    LOL! If you haven't seen it how can you possibly demean it? A movie or TV adaptation of a book or graphic novel needn't be a slavish copy of the source material in order to be great in its own right. Frank Miller Batman fans had no problem with the trio of Dark Night Movies. Fans of Walking Dead...
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    The Boys (2019) Amazon Prime TV

    Well before you judge The Boys, perhaps you should view it? Having not read the graphic novels from which either Watchmen or The Boys were based, I can only critique the movie and TV series respectively. After finishing The Boys on Amazon Prime last night I will say I very much enjoyed it, as I...
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    The Boys (2019) Amazon Prime TV

    The series debuted today. Basically its Zack Schneider's Watchmen on crack. Imagine what would have happened if Blackwater had managed to corporatize the super hero biz.
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    Artnovion Myron E vs Vicoustic DC2 diffuser

    I'd gather that both brands of these Skyline diffusor options are 24"x24" squares?
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    R.I.P. / Rutger Hauer, star of Blade Runner, dies aged 75

    That scene with Rutger and Harrison has been indelibly stamped in my brain. I have probably enjoyed this movie thirty times since its original theatrical run and Blade Runner remains in my top three movies of all time along with Heat and Way of the Gun.
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    Hello from Southern Ontario...

    I had bookmarked this site several years ago and had been anonymously lurking until recently. While some of the more prolific posters here appear to be residing in an entirely different "snack bracket" than I do, I find myself drawn to the respectful sharing of opinions on the WBF. Anyway it...
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    Wasn't expecting much after reading the reviews but was actually pleasantly surprised. Frankly thought it was a much better watch than Rocketman.
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    The North American Debut of the DeVore O/Reference Loudspeaker System

    Nifty space architecturally. However there appears to be a significant emphasis on making the space look hip and cool rather than truly providing dedicated listening spaces that do justice to the gear on offer. Just my two cents...
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    Trapping noise with a/c cords but not at the expense of killing dynamics

    Hey Rocoa your new power cords are simply screened. There is no inline filters so there is no possibility of current restriction. However there is also no ingoing or outgoing power filtration either. The Foundation Research units are AC power filtration devices with captive power cords. What...
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    Trapping noise with a/c cords but not at the expense of killing dynamics

    Foundation Research remain my favorite reasonably priced power conditioners. The LC-1 offered sufficient current capacity to filter small power amps. It won't present any current limiting to a front-end component. I wouldn't be two quick to sell of my LC-1s and LC-2s if I were you Gene 15352...
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    Sme 3012 R

    You are most welcome PeterA. I happened to have read through much of this lengthy thread a few days earlier and then happened across the tonearm for sale. Great to see it is now in appreciative hands.
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    Ceiling Clouds (For Tom treitz3 and others)

    A ceiling cloud forms a significant portion of the room treatment strategy in our dedicated music and theater room as well. The 4'x10' frame is 5" deep and open top and bottom. Broadband absorption is courtesy of the ten 2'x4' sheets of 2" rigid Manson OC703 fiberglass contained in it stacked 2...
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    Bruce Hornsby - Absolute Zero

    Hey Keith, I bought this on your recommendation and you were spot on. 1st consistently great Bruce Hornsby album since Harbor Lights. Thank you!
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    Rocketman (2019) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

    Saw it this afternoon. The Mrs liked it. Me, not so much. I'll say no more so as not to spoil it for others...
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    Chernobyl-HBO 5 Part Mini Series

    Two episodes in and HOLY TERRIFYING SH*T Batman! Imagine if the general public had been fully aware of the gravity of this event at the time...
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    Sme 3012 R

    Hey Guys, An FYI:

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