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  1. jadis

    How the inside of a 20 yr. old Magnepan looks like

    Around 2015, I heard some flapping in the bass of the R speaker and some mid range distortion on the L speaker. A friend immediately told me the wires have been detached from the diaphragm of the planars and I sought out an expert repairman who was very familiar with Magnepan speakers. I had to...
  2. jadis

    Terminator Dark Fate

    More incredible effects even with just about the same story line. Will watch this.
  3. jadis

    Amplifier Triode/Ultra Linear Switch Pop sound

    Hello all, I'm writing on behalf of my friend, a newbie of sorts, who bought a Rogers 65V-1 integrated tube amplifier a couple of days ago. While he loved the sound on first listen, he found out that switching the toggle from triode to UL gives off a loud pop that is startling. Switching back...
  4. jadis

    Jadis PA 100 amp - Jadis becomes Jadis again

    Back in the early 90s, I had a pair of Jadis JA200 and a Jadis JPL preamp. Due to the temperamental nature of the 200s, popping caps in the power supply every so often, I finally gave up and sold them and took the ARC way, retaining my JPL preamp till around 2014 when I sold it as well. About...
  5. jadis

    Linn Sondek LP12 Akurate Set Up

    I was telling my best buddy JackD201 about my Linn Sondek and how it took 6 hours to assemble and set up, and by nighttime, there were still some 'fine tuning' to do, but the set up boys were tired and they had to come back the next day to make it finally 'operational'. Whew. But it was fun...
  6. jadis

    Captain Marvel

    She is pretteeee.
  7. jadis

    The Meg

    I haven't been a fan of Jason Statham but my son insisted that we watch this (he got a good review from his uncle) and since I kinda like shark movies, I obliged. Surprise was I liked it very much. I thought the movie would have ended after an hour but the action kept going on with new...
  8. jadis


    I thought of starting a new thread, and it's all about Koetsu products, its name, almost synonymous with mystique and magic; for many years prior to owning one, it was like an elusive dream. Then a Black fell into my lap and me, I fell for it, and even took the country dealership of it in the...
  9. jadis

    Prison Break Season Five

    After 8 years Fox decides to literally resurrect the series. Michael Scofield lives on. Am watching it tonight. The past seasons and episodes kept me an my wife awake past midnight while we tried to finish as many episodes a night on DVD. Looking forward.
  10. jadis

    Wonder Woman Official Trailer

    This is happening first before the Justice League, so I'm going to mark the date of WW and watch it.
  11. jadis

    Justice League Official Trailer

    Looks good.
  12. jadis

    30 Movies That Are Going To Blow Everyone Away In 2017

    30 Movies That Are Going To Blow Everyone Away In 2017
  13. jadis

    Manila Hi Fi Show 2016

    For the last 10 or so years, we here in the Philippines have had an annual Hi Fi Show, usually slated in the first or 2nd weekend of November. Yesterday, I was very glad to get an invite by Jack to help 'man' their room via playing some records from my own collection and in so doing, get a...
  14. jadis

    Mullard88's Main Listening Room

    Here are some pictures of Mullard88's main listening room:
  15. jadis

    Mullard88's Bedroom System

    Last Monday, I had the privilege of visiting and listening to Mullard88's newly renovated house, and here are some pics of his very warm and cozy bedroom system.
  16. jadis

    ARC now has customer service email

    Yes, after years and years of waiting, (or non-waiting) :D ARC owners can now email ARC's customer service directly. There is a clickable link on their website. I wrote them yesterday a got a reply in less than 12 hours! Now the only 1 who remains in the stone age is Magnepan. :D
  17. jadis

    Jurassic World Trailer

    I'm a fan of this, just 7 months away.
  18. jadis

    Rambo 5

    If there will be a Rocky 7, why not a Rambo 5? :D
  19. jadis

    British Commentator and 'NFL' Football.

    Saw this on FB, funny. Notre Dame, wow, a French team, good luck to them. :D Here's Alabama's _____ QB Junior...He's been on the internet 3 times, that's a school record...:D Actually every word out of his mouth is funny.:D
  20. jadis

    ARC Ref Phono 10 & Ref 10 in the Philippines

    Visited my long time friend and ARC Philippine dealer and listened a bit to his new top line Ref Phono 2 and Ref 10, with a pair of Ref 210s driving the Duntech Sovereigns. He also has on 'stand-by' ARC 610T, 600, VTM 200 and VT100, among others. Oracle Delphi VI with SME IV and...
  21. jadis

    America's Got Talent - Anna Christine, 10 years old

    I always felt it takes a special singer to sing The House of the Rising Sun. Not an easy song to perform. And how by a 10 year old!
  22. jadis

    World War Z - Official Trailer

    Something to look forward to in June. Looks like a good zombie apocalypse movie.
  23. jadis

    Unicycle Performers - They can 'punt' too :)

    And a perfect score too.
  24. jadis

    Photos from the World's First Underwater Nuclear Explosion got this from a friend whose passion is photography and the high res pic of the first pic is awesome. scary too in terms of its power. i'm amazed at why warships were around the blast area. aren't...
  25. jadis

    The Gatekeepers - Official Trailer

    This one looks interesting. I've heard of Mossad, but this is the first time I hear of Shin Bet.
  26. jadis

    Maggie Owners - Do you set the ribbon tweeters inside or outside?

    The owner's manual says to set it outside or near the side walls but I like it better firing from the inside near the center fill. For 15 years I have set it inside and last week I tried to listen to them with tweeters outside and it took only a day and a few records to tell me I have to bring...
  27. jadis

    Zero Dark Thirty Trailer

    Dec 19 was the opening date but over here, it seems it wasn't shown. Don't know if the story line is worth watching.
  28. jadis

    Vinyl Defect

    I have seen a few of these kinds of markings on some precious records (this one on a James Newton Howard Sheffield D2D) and I'm wondering how a cartridge can 'scribble' or scratch a form like that, that of irregular lines that does not follow the path of a pivot or linear tonearm. I'm referring...
  29. jadis

    Bruce Katz Band - Crescent Crawl

    I wonder if anyone heard this album, it has gotten me curious since I've seen it hit the $300 - $400 range a few times. It's on the Audioquest label.
  30. jadis

    Muscle Music !

    When I was a teen, I dreamed of having muscles like that, but little did I know that after 40 years, they would have another use. :D

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