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  1. Vienna

    Contriva G2

    You are right. Jorn has advised the same and it works.
  2. Vienna

    Contriva G2

    Thank you
  3. Vienna

    Contriva G2

    The Contriva G2 are in the house. As expected the finishing level and quality is amazing. They do make an outstanding matching with the Gryphon system. Just out of the box and the sound is incredible. They were shipped together with sand/slate/acrylic platforms, a suggestion from the designer...
  4. Vienna

    a Norwegian tale of the road to greater sound - by kaap

    Great job and taste. Very nice space and system . Thank you for sharing
  5. Vienna

    Brazilian 2ch room

    Nice system Joao. Are the Contriva speakers matched better in your room than the Piano? What improvements have you experienced?
  6. Vienna

    Contriva G2

    Have just spoken with Jorn... again! The Speakers are undergoing quality control inspection which includes the wiring, crossovers, drivers installation, torques verification. The process is expected to be completed by tomorrow. Then the frequency and the rest of the measuremnts will take place...
  7. Vienna

    Contriva G2

    Thank you, reading your post is making me even more impatient
  8. Vienna

    Contriva G2

    Thank you
  9. Vienna

    Contriva G2

    Thank you And how the aero tuning is used?
  10. Vienna

    Contriva G2

    Hi joaovieira I have seen the binding posts at the back, which consist of more than one pair, how they are supposed to be connected with the Power Amp? Also how the aero tuning is made?
  11. Vienna

    Contriva G2

    I was in the market to upgrade my beloved Vienna Acoustics -The Music. The decision was taken fairly quickly and have ordered a pair of Tidal Contriva G2 in Macassar finish. The construction and assembly has been completed and I am waiting delivery next week. Some photos taken during the...
  12. Vienna

    Comparison of some Cartridges in the 4k+ region: Soundsmith "The Voice", Ikeda 9 TT, Ortofon "Windfeld Ti", Air Tight PC1

    Hi Shakti, I had been recently where you are now. I felt disappointed with myself having paid 16,000 euro for a cartridge that gave me less thrill than a 6,000 euro one. This is an interesting thread and I agree on ART9.
  13. Vienna

    Favorite Rolex?

    Are we serious now? This is the last thing I would expect to read in this forum! Why don’t you address the same question on cables, speakers, sources, pre amps, amplifiers, cables’ lifters, racks, feet etc? Is it a joke that I can’t get?
  14. Vienna

    Favorite Rolex?

    Just got the Daytona with ceramic bezel and black dial. Besides the well known feel and top quality this must be one of the most (if not the most) beautiful Rolex watches
  15. Vienna

    The WBF humor and joke thread.

    Not an expert but Expect some cracks and clicks
  16. Vienna

    PS Audio power Plant

    Hi, I have tried both the P15 and P20. A listening test with Torus AVR is highly recommended!
  17. Vienna

    PS Audio power Plant

    Hi Gian try aTorus too! I have tried both the PS and Torus, you will see what I mean
  18. Vienna

    The Know-It-All Audiophile

    I can think of some more
  19. Vienna

    Flemming Rasmussen’s Personal Foreword to the New Gryphon Catalog

    Great man, great story, great company, perfect products, stellar sound
  20. Vienna

    From Maggies to Avantgarde Acoustic

    I am considering too to go for Avantgarde speakers. In fact I am between Gryphon Pantheon and Avantgarde
  21. Vienna

    AF3 Premium arrived

    Complimenti! goditi la buona salute!
  22. Vienna

    SAT XD-1 Turntable Debut at The Audio Salon

    If this is not a finished prototype, what was then the purpose of this presentation ?
  23. Vienna

    Gryphon Colosseum stopped working

    That’s wonderful news. I have my Mephisto plugged on a Torus AVR 16 and I am very pleased with the result. Two friends (one of them with a Diablo 300 and the other with Antileon) are using Torus AVR too.
  24. Vienna

    Gryphon Legato phono

    It’s still early Philip , the new power supply and the boards need some more run in hours, but I will keep you the meantime I am thinking of upgrading to either the Trident MKII or the Pantheon and I would need your insights knowing that you have first hand experience.
  25. Vienna

    Gryphon Legato phono

    Not At all. Niels from Gryphon had told me that these power supplies can support effortless a medium sized power amplifier. He had also advised that the performance between the stand alone and the setup with shared powered supply is identical. I was expecting some better performance from the...
  26. Vienna

    Gryphon Legato phono

    Hi Philip, I have just purchased Legato boards for Pandora and one more additional Legato Power supply. The boards are installed in Pandora sharing the same power supply and the other Legato became a stand alone unit with its own power supply. Both versions are dead silent and the performance...
  27. Vienna

    Lyra Cartridges

    Hi lem321 The Etna will still shine on the unipivot, I had no complaint at all when I had it hooked on the uni, you will love it.
  28. Vienna

    Lyra Cartridges

    The Etna is way better match with the gimbal version. This combo provides killer bass and phenomenal sound articulation.
  29. Vienna

    Lyra Cartridges

    Hi there, my Lyra Etna is set with slightly tail up on my 12” 3D Fatboy
  30. Vienna

    American Sound AS-2000 Installations- Far East (Tango)

    You were absolutely right Tang, i have managed to get three sealed copies, indeed the sound is awesome thanks for the recommendation

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