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  1. DexterMiller

    First-ever reel to reel sold in America: 1946.

    More than a full year before Ampex would deliver three Model 200 broadcast recorders (bought and paid for $50,000 by Bing Crosby himself) to the ABC Radio Network, a little government contractor in Cleveland, Ohio named Brush Industries (which had been making wire-spool data recorders for the...
  2. DexterMiller

    The vintage pre-recorded reel to reel tape thread

    A lot of people whom, I suppose, didn't have the "luxury" of having grown up with reel to reel (because of: either being the wrong age or...because their present access to it is limited by the -now- insane "collector" pricing market Ebay created) tend to disregard the 8,000-or-so consumer reel...

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