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    Audience aR6-TSS vs aR6T-SSOX

    Using 24SX, but I tried FrontRow. FR is surely a step above , its more detail compare to 24SX. I will buy FR if add one more power conditioner.
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    DCS Vivaldi

    Filter3, I think it depends on listening area too. Prefer DXD for CD to me other than DSD/DSDx2 Save money to buy transport , it’s the best piece of dCS.
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    Audience aR6-TSS vs aR6T-SSOX

    Only running for 2 days. Nothing stunning , only more smooth , more relaxing but it gives more power to amplifier than wall plug when connected all in the conditioner. Very similar to TSSOX version for now. Wait till it fully break in.
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    Audience aR6-TSS vs aR6T-SSOX

    I hope I have time to pick up on this Saturday. AR6-TSSOX is already very good in my home, nothing restricted power etc. Music is more musical and live, only problem is it gives better power even with power amp plugged together! I need to re position my speakers and room acoustic to accommodate...
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    Audience aR6-TSS vs aR6T-SSOX

    Upgrade to Front Row Power cable then, u will immediately hear the difference.
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    Audience AU24 SE-SX line of cables

    I use both 24SX and Nordost V2 in my system, 24SX has less impact and resolution than V2. But it makes instruments sound more real, more relaxing for long hour listening.
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    DCS Vivaldi

    I use Roon on Mac mini 2009, 8G ram, 128G SSD for my Vivaldi stack. I try compare with Nucleus (not Nucleus+) and to me, Mac mini is more musical where the Nucleus have more details. But both cannot compare with transport, so I stick with my Mac mini and use money on elsewhere.
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    Help me beat my CD Transport

    You just cannot beat DCS's transport, it has upsampler inside. It's the most expensive piece for a reason.
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    Digital direction? aurender and dcs Vivaldi or add sgm server to Emm labs DA2

    For the price you pay, w20 + Vivaldi, I would rather buy Vivaldi + upSampler + NAS ( I use mini mac) or add clock for a bit more. Once u try, u won't regret , I'm so happy w 3 pieces at the moment.... transport soon. For ultimate u still need the transport, for simple, I use roon + tidal +...

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