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    Amplitude and Time, how difficult can it be ?

    A good friend of mine (famed musician, producer and audio engineer) had a favourite phrase - 'Sound is music and music is sound' I suppose his reasoning was that both are inseparable and that without the medium of 'sound' we could not have the creative art form that is 'music' ? Another...
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    Goldmund 'NextGen' amplifiers

    Here are the first set of official photos of the latest NextGen series of amplifiers from legendary Swiss manufacturer Goldmund. Telos 2500 and 1000 mono power amps, as well as the Telos 590 integrated - all amps feature analogue and digital inputs. Once again, Goldmund are pushing the...
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    Goldmund 'NextGen' series amp production

    Just returned from a visit to Geneva to see the team from Goldmund. The factory is a hive of activity with production running flat out, building the first batch of the new 'NextGen' amplifier series. Here you can see work taking place on the Telos 590 integrated, as well as the Telos 1000...

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